Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its largest urban, cultural, economic and transportation center. In the city and suburbs live 320.000 inhabitants. Sarajevo is a town of turbulent history, which has often had an impact on global developments. Thus in 1914 in Sarajevo killed the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand, thus starting the First World War and seventy years later, in 1984, the city held the 14th Olympic Winter Games.

Sarajevo panorama         Sarajevo

Sarajevo has been home to many different religions and ethnic groups for centuries, giving the city of many cultures. Bosnians, Serbs, Croats, Jews, and Slovenes are shared city.

Sarajevo cathedral Mosque Orthodox church in Sarajevo

The city can boast well-preserved old commercial part of the city, the popular Bascarsija, which was created for the period of Ottoman rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bascarsija has a lot to offer. In its small shops craftsmen still produce various items made of wood, leather, copper. In its many restaurants wirh burek and eatery are made widely known Bosnian specialties, which are a kind of mixture of Greco-Oriental and Central European cuisine.

Kebeb from Sarajevo Bascarsija Sarajevo




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