Best recipe for Saganaki

When we say Greece our first thoughts are about the sun and the sea. Beautiful seaside, unforgettable night life, perfect beaches- or in one word Greece.

Besides being great lovers, Greeks are also very fond of food. There is absolutely not a chance to visit Greece and go back home unsatisfied or God forbid hungry.

It is well-known that Greeks use olive oil in their cuisine all the time. Food prepared with or on it has specific taste but olive oil is one of the healthiest known.
When we talk about Greek cuisine we have to mention gyros as one of the most popular meals in this part of the world. But don’t let this be the only thing you’re going to try when you visit this beautiful European country.
There are so many other dishes you may try here and you’ll be, we promise, absolutely thrilled. One of them is definitely Saganaki.

What is Saganaki?

Saganaki is a traditional Greek hors d’oeuvre. It is prepared in small frying pans of a very characteristic shape with two handles. Saganaki got its name by these pans.
These frying pans are made of different materials – ceramics for example.

The main ingredient of this dish is cheese fried on oil or baked in the oven. There are different versions of Saganaki but the basis remains the same. It can be combined with crabs, vegetables or tomato sauce.

Fried Saganaki

Cut the cheese into fatter pieces (1.5cm). They shouldn’t be too thin because they could melt during frying. Wet it with some water, not too much and then roll it into the flour.
Take a deeper frying pan with not too thin bottom. Warm the oil and fry previously prepared chees first on one and then on the other side. Frying should last for couple of seconds and this way cheese won’t melt. Be careful when turning the frying cheese. Put Saganaki on the plate and serve it with a slice of lemon.

120g of cheese
50g of flour
½ lemon

Fried Saganaki – 2

Put the cheese into a deeper temperature resistant dish. Sprinkle it with pepper and oregano. After this sprinkle it with olive oil and bake on medium temperature for about 20 minutes.
Serve the cheese warm with homemade bread.

120g of Greek feta cheese
1 table spoon olive oil
Some pepper
Some oregano

Saganaki with tomatoes

Fry both onion and garlic on the wine in a dipper dish (Do this in a pan or other dish that you can put into the oven.). Once they soften add chopped tomatoes, parsley and other spices. Fry for about fifteen minutes and then add oil. After this, add chopped cheese and bake it in the oven for about fifteen minutes.
This dish is very tasty and easily prepared. You can use different types of cheese depending on the taste (graviera, kasseri, sheep milk’s feta cheese and other). If you have a chance, try it in Greece. But do not hesitate if you can’t go to Greece. Make your own Saganaki at your home using our recipes.

200g of tomatoes
½ onion
Little garlic chopped into a small pieces
50 ml of white wine
Some parsley
Little olive oil
100g feta cheese
Salt, pepper and a little sugar
Chili peppers and oregano

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