Wine storage rules

Some of the rules about wine storage:

Place for storage

Keep a bottle of wine in a dark place. For proper wine storage keep all wines away from light, especially direct sunlight and fluorescent light installations. If the wine is exposed to UV rays, will assume an unpleasant odor. If bottle and is occasionally exposed to light, try to be light of electric bulbs or neon lamps.

Position of bottle

Bottles with wine cork store by lay them asideat, an angle of minus 30 degrees . If you hold them a long time upright, the cork will dry out and air will eventually begin to enter the wine.
Try do not move the bottle once it is set in place. Even the vibration as a result of traffic or the generator may have a negative impact on the quality of the wine.

Moisture and smell

High humidity prevents drying of the cork and minimizes evaporation. Humidity hold to 75%, over that favors the development of mold.

Wine “breathe”, so do not keep with anything else that has a strong smell because the smell will permeate through the cork and spoil the aroma of wine.

Some wines are meant to drink while still young, while others get the right flavor and aroma with aging. Most white wines should be served after 2-3 years of storage.

Temperature of the wine storage

Heat is the biggest enemy of wine. Temperatures over 21 ° C will accelerate the aging of wine, should keep it between 7°C and 18°C. Avoid wine storage in the fridge because lack of moisture dries out the corks that allow air to penetrate into the bottle, but can be short time in the fridge.

The more important thing from reaching ideal 13° C for wine storage is to avoid extreme and sudden changes of temperature. Besides the impact on the taste, expansion and contraction of liquid in the bottle can push the cap from the bottle or cause leakage of wine.

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