Sterilizing jars

Sterilizing jars is very important in the process of making food for winter. If you do not prepare jars, the food will spoil more quickly, with this procedure you will remove all bacteria.

The process of  sterilizing jars in oven is very simple.

There are several ways to sterilized your jars, but we think that this is the best and most efficient way.

Every jar wash and then wipe it with a clean kitchen towel. Take a large baking pan, place the baking paper on the bottom of the pan. Turn the jars so that their top is down and arrange side by side.

Sterilizing jars your in hot oven on 170°C, leave them for 15 minutes. Jars put in a cold oven to slowly warm up, together with oven. Remove the jars, you are finished sterilizing jars for your winter stores. When you remove the jars from the oven watch out for your hand because jars are very hot. Coverlid of jars wash and put them in boiling water for ten minutes.

Sterilizing jars

Do not add cold food in hot sterilized jars, because they can break which is dangerous.

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    Very interesting advice.


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