Roast chicken tips

Roast chicken tips for your perfect chicken.

Frozen meat is not the best solution because it loses on his juiciness.

If you think that some parts of the chicken will be harder, like the skin on the wings, season with salt and let sit before preparation.

It is important that the chicken is roasted at 165°C (330°F). If the temperature is over, the meat will be dry.

When baking a whole chicken, do not cut it immediately, let stand for a few minutes. It will be much juicier.

Crispy crust on your chicken you will get by chicken before baking dry with cloth.

To have the chicken pink and juicy, rub it with lemon juice before cooking.

Before you put the chicken to cook, keep it at room temperature for about half an hour.

Before baking, dry chicken.

Quality chicken during cooking released quite tasty liquid and fat. Therefore, under and around the chicken place the vegetables, if desired, in order to absorb these delicious.

Apply these tips and enjoy.

You can apply these rules on drunken chicken recipe.


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