Natural honey tips how to buy

Only if you’re not an expert it is very difficult to recognize natural honey.

Here are some tips on how to buy natural honey.

  • natural honey is not sticky, testing is possible if a little honey rubbed between the fingers, should be absorbed into the skin.
  • a few tablespoons of honey put into the pot and then it heat up to high temperatures in a microwave oven, a real honey will caramelize, while the false honey become foamy and full of bubbles.
  • little honey should be placed near an ant, if it is the natural ants will go around it. That is how bees defend themselves against insects.
  • mixed water with natural honey. That is the easiest indicator, pure honey will be in the water coagulate and fall to the bottom of a glass, while the false start to begin to melt.
  • grease on a piece of bread, under pure honey bread will become tough, while the fake wet the surface, of course, because of the amount of water in its composition.
  • pure natural honey will to crystallize over time, fake and after prolonged standing retains liquid composition such as a syrup.
  • tingling in the mouth causes pure natural honey, while false do not have such effect on the palate.
  • dip paper in honey and set it on fire if burning honey is natural.

Many of manufacturers sell honey as natural but it is made of sugar and water. Artificially produced honey do not have nutritional and biological value as natural. Glucose syrup used in the manufacture of artificial honey. Do not let them to sell you artificially produced.

Honey is very good for your health.

natural honey bee on a flower


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