Make a perfect bbq for your friends

Impress your friends and relatives with perfect bbq.

Barbecue in nature or at your home is always a good choice to serve your guests. To make a perfect bbq you must have experience and a lot of time, if you do not have a lot of experience do not worry, read these tips.

Meat perfect bbq

Cutting meat for bbq

Pieces of meat must not be too thin otherwise meat will be dry, but not too thick because midfield will remain raw. Chicken breasts thickness of 12 millimeters, burger 22.

If you want the pieces of meat evenly grill, remove the meat from refrigerator in order to warme to room temperature.


Marinade, no matter which you choose, prepare the day before and roll them in the meat. Before baking, remove the meat and leave it at room temperature for at least an hour.

Acids from marinade make the meat softer and oil keeps the original flavor.

Never use the marinade in which it was raw meat for pouring the grilled pieces of meat.

Marinade recipes.

Perfect bbq


The severity of the fire is very important for your perfect bbq. If fire is too strong, the meat will be charred, and if the level of fire is low, you will get the effect of cooking.

If coal have a light gray color, a embers is red then bring your hand at grid if you can handle up to 4 seconds you can start grilling. Color of bbq

High heat 450°F to 550°F 2 to 4 seconds  

Medium heat 350°F to 450°F 5 to 6 seconds 

Low heat 250°F to 350°F 8 to 10 seconds

Leave embers to cool down and then pick it up and throw it in the trash. Leaving the ash in the grill will cause the accumulation of moisture what causes faster deterioration of the grill (metal). Remove the fat from the grid.

If you want perfect bbq never grill meat on flame, if a fire occurs put out it with beer or charcoal.

Wire for perfect bbq

If you want to prevent sticking your delicious food for the barbecue wire and at the same time you reach those impressive traces of wire leaves the steaks, brush wire with a little oil or bacon.

Of course, before using first wash a wire and if the wire is new put on fire for 15 minutes.

Meat: juicy and tender

To keep the meat juicy and tender, let stand covered in the pan in a warm. All the meat being cooked on the grill ‘suffering’ only one turning. The third way is unnecessary because the meat can only dry up. When juices appear at the top  of meat, it’s time to flip.

Is meat roasted? Checked with fork, stab meat and if fork enter, it is finished.

In this article are written tips for the perfect bbq wich is made on charcoal but large part can be applied on the other ways of grilling.


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