Is pig lard healthy?

Nowadays many people prepare their home cooked meals on oil. The world’s greatest chefs prepare on olive oil and don’t even mention lard, so we may ask is lard healthy?

Commercials and propaganda tell you that this vegetable oil is much better than lard – animal grease. Commercials tell us – fewer calories. But then again in many countries pig’s lard is used as medicine. We must wonder – is it only propaganda or vegetable oil is really better than animal lard. In my opinion that is only pure propaganda of industries.

In domestic frying can be used any type of animal fat, but the most widespread are swine lard. This sort of lard is full of vitamins D, A and K, and you can use it several times – the same, already used one- without any fear that you endanger your health. And vegetable oil – you cannot use more than once or it becomes cancerous.Only palm oil can be used few times and by its structure, it is more similar to lard that to sunflower oil.

Lard better than butter?

Pig lard is full of omega 3 fatty acid and is better and much healthier than butter. Lard contains 60 percent monounsaturated fat, and these fats are associated with low risk of heart disease. On the other hand, butter contains 45 percent monounsaturated fat. Most of the monounsaturated fats in lard make oleic acid, a healthy fatty acid that helps the work of the heart and is associated with lower levels of bad cholesterol. The lard has twice more oleic acid than butter. Animal fat is ideal for frying. In addition, the meat will not absorb as much fat and will be almost faster and easier to digest.

It is good that the lard is odorless and tasteless and if it is in good condition and if properly prepared you will not change food’s taste, it can only make it better.

For centuries, without the lard, many nations could not get by, and some of them, mostly European, still associate with many people exclusively with this product. They eat lard with bread, they roasted and extinguished it. To see a dream about fat was considered a good sign: to wealth and health. In general, lard did not settle down only in hot eastern countries, and even then only because of fast spoilage. However, modern fashion for thin ladies erected low-calorie diets in the cult, and any fat, especially animal, sent to the “forbidden” list. Lard disappeared from our tables and began to accumulate monstrous legends. 🙁

Saturated fats (%) Monounsaturated fats (%) Polyunsaturated fats (%) Smoke point  (°C)
Butter 66 30 4 150
Pig lard 41 47 12 138-201
Margarine 80 14 16 150-160

How much-saturated fat should we use?

A healthy person with a normal stomach, the present lard is very well digested and does not overload the liver. In general, the most valuable fats for us are those that melt at the temperature of our body. They digest and absorb faster than all the rest. But, of course, fat, like any fat, requires for its digestion bile and lipases (special substances in the stomach and intestines). Therefore, for violations of the production of bile and saponification of fats, doctors do not recommend eating it.

As adults, we need much less fats in food than children. Anyhow in balanced diet, we must have various foods including fats, that when used rationally can be really healthy.

Nutritional guidelines recommend a diet in which saturated fats are desirable because of its stability and inability to oxidase (rapid deterioration is the quality of polyunsaturated vegetable oils and not saturated fat). When on a diet, do not forget lard too, this is an excellent source of energy. Dietary option – eat lard with vegetables, for example, with cabbage. Lard is a wonderful antioxidant, especially in combination with garlic, it helps to remove toxins from the body.

Lard and bread

Paradox: lard and bread – just what the doctor ordered! An amazing natural combination, in which both products are perfectly absorbed. Of course, we have in mind not buns, dumplings but grain bread, from flour with coarse grinding or with the addition of bran. Of course, this is for healthy people who are not obese and digestive problems.

In the old days’ pork lard was used as a delicious snack. A small spoon full of lard on a piece of bread and spiced with a bit of salt and some sweet paprika powder. It was often given to children as a daily snack, any earlier the number of kids with weight problems was not even close to nowadays.

This snack was especially popular in the Balkans, and some people love to eat this now to remember how it once was. No fats are supposed to be eaten too often. But still, some are much healthier than the others. Therefore, we can come to a conclusion that natural fats are always better than Industrial vegetable oils. Here we do not count in olive oil – which is to be consumed without thermal processing.

Mangalica pig

It is worth mentioning that Mangalica fat is one of the healthiest natural fats. Its fat is a high-quality fat, and its meat is soft and tasty. Some say that the content of monounsaturated fat is higher than other types but melts at much lower temperatures because of which the meat has a softer structure. Also, false is the new propaganda when advertisers try to advertise Mangalica fat as fat with no cholesterol. It already belongs to the domain of science fiction, and can never be. That grease should have less cholesterol than other types of pork fat -but it still exists as part of a structure.

All in all, animal fat is healthy as part of the balanced diet but as all other foods, it should be used consciously, in small portions.


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