Food wine pairing tips and glasses for wine

Food wine pairing tips

Food wine pairing is a science. Of course, about taste is not worth discussing but some basic rules must be followed.

Food wine pairing tips are next:

Light white wine, perhaps with a hint of green, would go great with a bright green food, like lettuce, fresh vegetables, white fish… White wines that are more inclined to lemon yellow or gold will fit with some heavy food. Roze, or “rose”, wine is great for pairing with pink food – for example, tuna steak, salami and prosciutto. Food wine pairing tips say that the dark, almost black and red wines go with, dark, “more robust” food such as stews and steaks. When the food tastes rich, spicy, such as lasagna or steak, you will need a red wine with plenty of tannin, which can withstand these flavors.

With eggs and dishes with eggs going for a neutral white wine.

For stronger meat we recommended red wine. Also red wine better fits with stronger cheeses.

The foundation of all is that the strength of the wine should match the severity of the food, so that wines with an intense aroma goes well with strong food.

White wines better match with light dishes, fish, chicken, salads, and pasta with light sauces.

Sweeter wines go with a cake.

With the stew can serve pinot noir or Portugizer.

With steaks agrees cabernet Sauvignon.

Usually the dinner (which should be with light food) are served light wines.

With smoked sausage or ham can be served strong black wine or late harvest Riesling.

Medium strong white and red wines are suitable with chicken, just avoid tannic and smelling wine. With the turkey in most cases is better red wine.

Food wine pairing tips say that for salad is most important to pay attention to sauces and spices. Sharp spices looking for Riesling.

Japanese scientists found that red wines do not go with fish because they are rich wtih iron so they do not give a pleasant taste of fish.

Storage of wine rules

Heat is the biggest enemy of wine. Temperatures over 21 ° C will accelerate the aging of wine, should keep it between 7 and 18 ° C. Avoid keeping wine in the fridge…

Read more about wine storage tips.

Glasses for serving wine

Food wine pairing tips, wine is a complex entity that requires the engagement and the concentration of almost all senses to freely enjoy it.

A glass of champagne an elongated, narrow, round, on a high stand.

A glass of white wine less than a glass of red wine; tulip-shaped, on the stand.

 A glass of red wine lager than a glass of white wine; tulip-shaped, on the stand.

A glass of dessert wine – on the shorter stand, can be squared.

In the Balkans are located world-class wineries that make wines wich are among the best in the world. Read more about wines and wineries in the Balkans.

Southern European wines

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