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Here you can read about technique of painting egg on Easter.

Easter is a Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from death. Painting egg is one of the oldest Christian traditions.

According to legend, the inhabitants of Jerusalem were mocked that Jesus was not resurrected, because this is not impossible as well as the chicken can not lay an a red egg but next Easter all the chickens are lay an a red eggs. Red egg is a symbol of happiness and joy, first painted red egg is kept until the next Easter, “čuvarkuća” “keeper of hous”.

In the Balkans, it is custom that the children are hit with eggs on Easter.

Painting egg hit

General rules of painting egg

Put the eggs in water, if eggs are fresh they will sink. To avoid cracking eggs during cooking put in the water a teaspoon of vinegar. Also to avoid cracking, egg put in cold water and from room temperature.

Before start painting egg, wash the egg very good of all filth then clean shell eggs with vinegar, shell will easier to absorb paint.

Colored eggs will get a high gloss color if you after painting coat them with olive oil.

Natural painting egg

eggs paint natural colors

Technique of painting egg: 

Put the eggs in a single layer in a pan. Add water to the eggs are covered.

Add about one teaspoon of vinegar.

Use more natural material fo more eggs or for more intense color.

Allow the water to boil.

Reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

If you want a shiny appearance, you can rub a little  oil on the eggs after they are dried.

Blueberries, red cabbage leaves (boiled), red grape juice.

Strong black coffee, instant coffee, black walnut shells (boiled), black tea.

Larger quantities of onion shells (boiled), canned cherries with juice, tomato juice, raspberry, red chicory.

Yellow shell onion (boiled), cooked carrots, chili powder, paprika.

The leaves of spinach and nettle (boiled), liquid chlorophyll.

Violet blue
Hibiscus tea, red wine.

Ideas for decorating

For painting egg in this way first light a candle and with molten wax put on patterns that you want on egg. Once the wax has dried put the egg in cold paint. When the egg is painted remove the wax.

Marble look painting egg

Chopped onion shell into small diced.

Dip the egg into the water one second and roll them in onion shells. Wrap egg in aluminum foil.

This wraped egg put cook on a very low temperature. When the water boils cook for another 15 minutes.

Remove the egg from aluminum foil and place in the desired dye. When the egg is painted remove shell.

Napkin painting egg

Cook eggs and chill.

Find napkins with interesting patterns for painting your egg.

Whisk the egg and prepare brush.

Now place the cut out pattern on the egg and start slowly from one end to other end with brush, which is well soaked in egg white. will create creases fix them with the brush or your fingers.

Allow to dry, whenis wet from egg whites color will be darker, when dry it will get the right color.In the morning, the dry eggs brush with olive oil.

When cutting napkins you will see that some have two or three layers, taking just one layer with a picture.

Purple boiled egg

Cooked and peeled egg placed in a bowl of grated beets, add tablespoon of lemon juice. Leave egg for at least six hours.

It looks very decorative on a plate for an appetizer.

ljubicasto jaaje


Here you can read how to clean unfortunate stain wich can happen when you working in the kitchen especially when you painting egg.

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