Walnut liqueur – natural cure

For hundreds of years walnut liqueur is used as a natural cure in a folk medicine. Recipe for its creation can be found in monastic scripts, in the notes of old herbalists. Immature fruit of the walnut with a soft middle they are natural wealth of Vitamin C and Iodine.

Still today it is a “first aid” with stomach problems, like a natural medicine against anemia and for strengthening the blood.

Schnapps that are used for this liqueur are slivovitz and lozovitz.

The first way of preparation of walnut liqueur (recipe)

Clean the walnuts with water and dry them with kitchen cloth to remove the hairs from them. Depending on weather you want to obtain weaker or stronger aroma, the walnuts should be crashed, sliced to half or just notched.

In a 4 litter glass jar put walnuts, fried coffee grains, half of the carnation, sugar and pour schnapps. Close the jar and leave it on a sunny place for 35-45 days. Shake the jar every ten days so speed up melting of the sugar.

After the last day, filter it through gauze (double), pour back the liquid into washed jar, add the rest of the carnation, lemon crust, little bit of lemon juice and orange juice from 1 orange, one vanilla stick and sage leaves, close the jar and leave it for at least 7 weeks so it unites. It would be best to leave it to stand for 24 weeks.

The second way of preparation walnut liqueur (recipe)

15  prepared green walnuts put in 1 litter of schnapps, firmly close the jar, leave it on a sun for 10 days than filter it (you obtained walnut schnapps), than add thinly sliced colored part of the crust of 1 orange, vanilla stick (or 6 little bags of vanilla sugar) and leave it on the sun for one more week. Cook 500g of sugar into 2.5dcl of water, cool it down, add it into filtered walnut schnapps, close it good and leave it on a dark place to mature for at least a month (the longer the better).


Walnut liqueur, liqueur of  as a natural cure, it is taken in the morning on an empty stomach – 1 soup spoon. Always slightly steer the liqueur in the bottle before serving to lift up the iodine that deposits on the bottom of the bottle.

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