Boza recipe – soft drink, sweet, tasty and with zero percent of alcohol

Boza is a soft drink, sweet, tasty and with zero percent of alcohol.

Once, this drink was very or we can say extremely popular. After this, a period of slack set in and people somehow forgot about this drink. Luckily, boza became popular again.

Unlike drinks and juices that are popular today, boza is completely healthy and natural soft drink. It is very refreshing and filled with vitamins.

Why is boza drink so good?

This is an oriental soft drink. It is a very old, several thousand years old drink. Contrariwise to today’s modern soda drinks, which are, by the way, full of sugar and completely unhealthy and bad for our organism, boza is a healthy natural drink which doesn’t disturb our health.

The fact that it contains a lot of vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 vitamins) as well as vitamins A and E and iron, proves the quality of boza soft drink.

It also contains lot of useful bacteria which makes it perfect for our digestive system. It is recommended for athletes, pregnant women, kids, basically everyone.

A short reminder of what boza meant to people

Boza was made by people who were called bozadzije (literally meaning “people who make boza). It was inevitable drink in every candy shop. It was especially popular in candy shops held by Albanian people but boza is also very popular in Bulgaria.

Besides lemonade, it was one of the most popular soft drinks of oriental candy shops. It was something like “a perfect match” to all those extremely sweet candies and cookies you could find in those candy shops. On one side you had very sweet candies (baklava, tulumbe, tufahije and other tasty candies) and on the other side refreshing boza.

Boza and lemonade were very popular drinks at that time, so it wasn’t rare to see people mix them together, fifty-fifty. This way the so called “shpricer” was gained only it wasn’t made of wine and soda water.

Maybe boza lost its popularity compared with past times but even today it is very important for all those people who grew up in those candy shops. It carries great sentimental value for generations of people and that’s why we hope it will gain back its popularity, especially among generations that are yet to come.

Recipe for homemade boza

This is a refreshing drink gained by fermentation of water dilution of corn or better said corn flour, sugar and yeast. It’s not tuff at all to make it, so you can freely make it at home.


  • 5 l of water
  • 600 g of corn flour (non-sifted)
  • 30 g of yeast



Take the corn flour and overflow it with warm water (not too hot but not cold). Leave this mixture for a day.

On the next day, boil it for about two hours with periodical mixing. When it’s cooked and cold add yeast. Before you add yeast, mix it in some water (not more than to cover the middle of a cup you’re mixing yeast in). Leave the yeast to grow for a while (like when you are making bread).

After all this, mix the yeast and leave the mixture again overnight.

Next, strain the mixture and add sugar. Mix well, until the sugar is melted completely.

The thing you are going to get is yellowish and sweet. Because it contains yeast it won’t stay sweet long time (yeast and sugar eventually form alcohol and boza loses its taste). So, the advice is not to make too much of boza at once and always keep it in a fridge.

You should drink it cold but don’t use ice. Turks like to add some cinnamon in it.

If you like sweet, soft drinks, boza is just for you. You should definitely try it no matter if you are one of those who are sentimental and melancholic about their past or you’re one of those who want to try something new. Try out this boza recipe and enjoy.


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