Ayran – What’s that? Maybe best drink for hot summer!

Ayran, or Tan or Doogh is a drink similar to yoghurt. Different types of yoghurt are actually very characteristic for Turkish cuisine. Turks make it from long time ago as they were still nomads.

Ayran can be made of goat, cow or sheep milk. It’s being prepared very often and it’s very popular. This drink is mostly home-made.

This potion is often represented as Turkish national drink. You can order ayran wherever you are in Turkey, starting from the big cities to the furthest villages. This drink is also very popular in Bulgaria.

Where does ayran actually come from?

People who had been researching the history of ayran discovered that this is one very old drink. It was very popular in ancient Persia (today called Iran).

Ayran is also known as Doogh, This name comes from the old Persian word which means “milking”. There is a similar word in Turkish language that means “a drink made of milk”.

Even though this drink originates from Iran, Afghanistan and Armenia, it is now very popular in Middle East and Southeastern Asia.

It appeared in Turkey approximately a thousand years ago. Nomadic Turks wanted to improve the taste of yoghurt (it was sort of bitter) so they diluted with water.

The process of preparation – ayran recipe

Ayran is really easy to make. There are many different recipes but neither of them is complicated.

You make it by mixing yoghurt with very cold, even icy water. Most people consider it diluted yoghurt and even call it that way.

It is often seasoned with salt, mint, even pepper. You can add lime juice as well.

There are many different variations of this drink. It all depends on person’s taste. However, ayran is originally mixture of yoghurt and water. Every other ingredient is optional.

Recipe No.1


  • 1/2 l of mineral (soda) water
  • 5 dcl of yoghurt
  • Salt (by taste)


Gather all the ingredients and mix them well. Once you do this, leave ayran in the fridge and drink it cold.

Recipe No.2


  • 3 cups of yoghurt
  • ½ cup water
  • Salt


Put all the ingredients into a blender, or a dipper dish and mix. It’s easier to use a mixer but you can do it manually (with a spoon). Once you get a fluffy liquid it’s finished. Leave it in a fridge and drink it cold.

There are many other recipes but most of them look alike. These two are with different types of water so we considered them interesting.

When to drink and serve ayran?

Ayran is mostly served with a breakfast or with a snack. You can drink it the same as yoghurt. It is great with bagels, pretzels and other flour-made pastries.

This drink is extremely tasty and refreshing so most people enjoy drinking it in summer when it’s very hot. It is one of the most popular summer potions. It is really great in hot summer days when the air is dry and the heat unbearable.

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