How to make best strawberry schnapps and strawberry liqueur

Schnapps production is not just a craft, it’s art! All schnapps should be obtained with special technological steps from top quality fruit. Complete dedication to production enables obtaining high quality schnapps with unique recognizable smell and taste, and strawberry schnapps is very special one.

Raw material for production – strawberry

Strawberry belongs to family of rouses. Since long time ago it is a very appreciated fruit, extremely rich with nutrients and beneficial property and very expressed aromas. Strawberries don’t contain much sugar, 5-7% so because of that you need more fruit to get one liter of schnapps. For one liter of schnapps you need around 1000 strawberries.

Production of homemade strawberry schnapps

Producing schnapps from berry fruits on classical way is the most difficult, because after fermentation, aroma gets lost and most often changed.

This schnapps is made of selected fruits that have no damages. Strawberry is waiting and the juice is left to go through fermentation, i.e. the vine is made from fruit, decants and clears from solid particles, sludge. Then you do the distillation two times, all in aim to gain alcohol of desired strength.

Although you are adding red fruits of strawberry, this schnapps is colorless, with pronounced floral smell. I recommend it for those that like sweet schnapps and liqueur.


Consummate it mildly cooled on a basement temperature (16°C).

strawberry schnapps drunk

Strawberry liqueur

For making this drink you use already made schnapps, sugar and fresh strawberries! Unlike strawberry schnapps liqueur is sweeter and contains less alcohol.

Wash strawberries and remove pedicel, if strawberries are bigger cut them to half. In larger jar put one line of strawberries, one line of sugar until you spent all the strawberries. After that add schnapps, water and close the jar.

Keep it on the sun light for 2 weeks and shake the jar from time to time. Decant it though the gaze, pour in glass bottles and keep it on cold and dark place.

1 kg of strawberries
500 g of sugar (brown)
750 ml of grape schnapps
100 ml of water (from bottle, not tap water)

If you want you can add cinnamon, clove or little branch of fresh mint.

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