Best schnapps cocktails

Schnapps is very appreciated and strong alcoholic beverage on a world market. It can be used to make all kinds of schnapps cocktails. We are presenting you schnapps cocktails that we found are the best 😀

Sex on the beach

One of the most famous cocktails in the world can be made with good quality schnapps from peach.

20 ml of peach schnapps
30 ml of vodka
currant juice
pineapple juice

Pour breskovach and vodka in a glass, and then both juices until you will up the glass. Serve it in a tall round glass

Croatian mula

Fill a copper cup by half with ice cubes. Add slivovitz, squeeze juice from half of the lime and fill it to the top with Thomas Henry Spicy ginger. Steer well slivovitz and ginger and you will get a true Croatian Mula.

40 ml of Slivovitz (schnapps)
15 ml of Thomas Henry Spicy ginger
20 ml of fresh lime juice

schnapps cocktails 2

Walnut shooter

Pour 10 ml of walnut liqueur in a small (shooter) glass, than add 10 ml of Irish cream and 10 ml of brandy on the top. You must drink it on ex.

10 ml of walnut liqueur (schnapps)
10 ml of Irish cream
10 ml of brandy

Fig schnapps – Maraschino

Put ice and pour drinks into a bar glass. Close the glass with Boston shaker (bottom part of tree-peace shaker), shake it and pour it into a proper glass (granite glass, large American).

10 ml of Maraschino
20 ml of fig schnapps
20 ml of cocoa liqueur – white
60 ml of orange juice
60 ml of pineapple juice


50 ml of Silver tequila
30 ml of Slivovitz (schnapps)
30 ml of lime juice
10 ml of sugar syrup

Its preparation is especially simple… Mix all the ingredients with ice and pour it into a glass. You can decorate with a slice of lime if you want… if not, you don’t have to.

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