What is honey schnapps and how to make it?

Schnapps made of honey is one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages. It is famous since old times, very popular among men because it improves libido, also effects positively against bacteria and viruses, improves the appetite and digestion.

It is not unusual to find honey liquers sold as honey schnapps but these two are not the same thing because the process of fermentation and distillation of honey, or better said honey fruit mash (honey or fruit remains) special taste is gained. The real honey schnapps is not cheap at all because of the amount of honey used to make it and it’s rarely found on the market except previously mentioned liquers which are not so bad but they are still not the real honey schnapps. The real honey schnapps is a combination of the best found in honey and the best found in schnapps.

There are two recipes for making the honey schnapps.


Pouring honey for honey schnapps

The first (recipe) process of making the honey schnapps

In 100l of water you should pour (better saying melt) 30-40kg of honey. The process of fermentation won’t begin unless you add (on this amount) 50g of ferment previously stirred with 1l of water mixed with honey (leave this to repose 4-6 hours). The process of fermentation lasts 12 to 17 days and after this, the process of distillation should be done. Be careful to keep the temperature between 17 and 23 degrees, no more or less, during the process of fermentation. If it tastes sweet it means that the process of fermentation is not finished yet, sugar hasn’t turn into alcohol yet. This schnapps should be preserved in the oak barrels previously well washed. Circular transfusion should be done once a month. After three months of repose in the oak barrels, put the schnapps into the glass or stainless steel dishes. After this it is ready to be used.

The second (recipe) process

In the plum fruit mash (fruit remains) pour 15% of honey (exp. On 100 kg of fruit mash put 15 kg of honey) and let the sugar ferments in alcohol. After that do the distillation. The schnapps is preserved in the oak barrels, too, but now, after the distillation process, in the gained schnapps you should stir 5% of honey and leave it for 5 days in order to make the residue. After this, move the schnapps into the barrels and leave it to repose for 3 months. Then preserve the schnapps in the glass or stainless steel dishes.

The strength of the schnapps should be 38-45% of alcohol, depending on the taste.

It is an ideal aperitif and it’s being consumed cold.

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