Herbal schnapps

Schnapps is a specific type of alcoholic beverage made mostly by fruit distillation. This way made schnapps is a great appetizer; but, schnapps is also known as a natural medicine. There is a special type of schnapps called herbal schnapps, very popular and often used in natural medicine.

Herbal schnapps

Since ancient times, herbs were being used for healing and treat all sorts of illness and diseases. Therefore it’s no surprise herbs are combined with alcohol in forming herbal schnapps. A big number of herbs can be of bad tasty, bitter and similar and consequently unpleasant for consumption. When these herbs are combined with alcohol and some sugar, a nice potable drink, tasty and healing, is made.

How did people come up with such an idea-herbs and alcohol? Well, we all know about herbal health benefits. What many of us don’t know is that alcohol (in moderate amount) can also have a positive effect on our health. For example, alcohol is good for improving the appetite, supporting digestion, warming the body by improving blood flow and circulation. Mixing alcohol and herbs can also enhance the positive side of herbs making them more effective. So, medicines use the power of alcohol and alcohol improves herbs efficiency.

Homemade vs. Industrial herbal schnapps

I say both! Why? Well, herbal schnapps isn’t a type of beverage you’ll drink all night long (like wine). It is a type of a medicine so any abnormal amounts would do more harm than good.

Famous herbal brands take a lot of care when they produce this type of schnapps, so feel free to consume it the same way as the homemade one.

Sure, if you feel like it, you can make it at home, enjoying every moment.

Here are some recipes for homemade herbal schnapps.

Recipe 1 – Mint Schnapps

Take the fresh leaves of the mint and Melissa and overflow them with schnapps. After you do this, take coriander grains and cloves and add them to previous mixture.

When you mix all the ingredients, leave this mixture into the dark place for 4 weeks.

After this period, you should strain the mixture, and leave to calm for three more months. After this, your mint schnapps is ready.

Besides being incredibly tasty and refreshing, this schnapps is great for healing stomach problems and pains, as well as stomach spasms.

100 g mint
30 g melissa
5 coriander grains
3-5 cloves
1 l schnapps

Recipe 2 – Wallnut Schnapps

Take unripe nuts and cut them into large pieces. Pour schnapps over them. Add sugar and mix it until it’s completely melted.

After this, take cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and cloves; add them to the previously made mixture. Mix everything again and leave this mixture into warm and sunny place for six to eight months.

When this period is over, strain the schnapps and add rum. Leave it for 2 more weeks. After this, your walnut schnapps is ready to be used!

This schnapps is perfect for people who have bad appetite, as well as all digestion problems.

500 g green (unripe) nuts
4-5 cloves
½ cinnamon stick
½ vanilla stick
A little ginger
200 g sugar
1 dl rum
9 dl schnapps

Herbal schnapps has healing effect. Almost every herb can be added and mixed with schnapps and will provide some healing effect. That’s why it’s in vain to even try to name all herbal schnapps. We extracted two most interesting recipes that help solving some problems modern men face every day.

To make good healing herbal schnapps you’ll need months. The catch is in the time that passes.

Some will ask for warm and sunny places, others dark and cold. In the end, it’s only important that you get what you need.

If it’s too long to wait, you can always buy one and enjoy a healing cup of herbal schnapps!

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