Hawthorn schnapps homemade recipe

Hawthorn grows next to the roads, forests, and it is caracteristic by its torns and triangular leaves. Hawthorn is read in the autumn, fruits are strong red colored and contain essential oil, sodium, tannin, glycosides, pottasioum, calcium and salts of phosphoric acid.

Recipe for schnapps

First way of preparation, the fruits of hawthorn overflow with schnapps (by choise) and leave it to stand for 35 days on a dark place. For 2 liters of schnapps goes 300 grams of hawthorn.

The secund way, as a base you use plum or apple. From this fruid you get a distillat that is around 25 degrees strong in which you put in the fruit of hawthorn. 20-40 days after do a secund distillation of the schnapps.

After that decant the schnapps and it is ready for use.

Healing properties of hawthorn schnapps

It is good for the people who have heart and blood wasels deaseses, as well at people with insomnia. Hawthorn schnapps balances blood pressure and encourages sleep.

Everyday before a meal drink a spoon of hawthorn schnapps.

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