Wedding soup recipe

Hot Wedding soup is a great start of every good lunch. Perfect for family gatherings and for any other ordinary occasion it can replace the main course.

For this recipe first inspect the chicken, clean it and rinse under cold running water.
Put the chicken in the pot, and pour cold water up to the top of the pot. For Wedding soup use one small chicken, or a half a of a large one.
Put the pot on high heat, until it starts to boil. In the beginning of the cooking process, you should be careful that the water does not boil over, and that is why you do not close completely the pot. Place the lid so it has a small opening.

Finely chop the onions and put it inside the water together with the chicken.

Clean the carrots and put them whole in the pot to cook together with the chicken.

Add the dry ingredients: vegeta poweder, bay leaf, pepper grains
When the chicken is cooked, take it out of the pot into a separate container of appropriate size and let it cool slightly.
Take out the carrots also.

Wait for the chicken to cool off sufficiently to avoid burning your fingers, and then separate the meat from the bone and the skin.
Cut the meat into small pieces and put it back in the soup.
When the carrots have also cooled down, cut them into small cubes and return them into the soup.

Add water, but do not fill completely the pot.
Now is the time to check for seasonings. Add salt or other ingredients if needed.

For the Roux:
One deciliter of oil, 1 carrot of medium size, 2-3 tablespoons of flour, 2 eggs.
Put oil into the pan to warm up.
Clean the carrots, and cut them and cut them into very small pieces.
Fry the carrots to the point so that the oil gets a nice orange color.
Add the white flower, and fry it until it too receives the yellowish color.
Take a small amount of soup from the pot and pour it into the pan, stir until it starts to thicken. Repeat this step one more time, and then pour everything back into the pot with the soup.
Add some finely chopped parsley.
Stir the soup well, and cook for another 10 minutes. Then turn off the heat, and let it cool.

In a deeper bowl, mix the eggs. But not too much, it must not be foamy.
Add a small amount of soup into the egg mixture and stir until it’s all combined. Then pour the egg mixture back into the soup

When you serve the wedding soup in a deep bowl, sprinkle with a little parsley.
Put a little white vinegar on the table. Some people believe the taste will improve with a little vinegar.

Make sure when you add the eggs in the Wedding soup, that the soup is not too hot, because it will separate the eggs and make ugly floating lumps.

For the pot of 5 liters, you will need:
One whole small chicken, or a half a of a large one
One medium sized onion
4 medium-sized carrots
2 tablespoons of dry spices
1 bay leaf
A pinch of pepper
finely chopped parsley

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