Best recipe for homemade tripe soup!


Before we start talking about tripe soup we should first tell something about tripe.

Tripe is lining from the stomach of animals which is consumed by people – it’s edible. People mostly use tripe from sheep and cattle.

As we all know there are several types of tripe. Let’s name some of them.

Beef tripe is made from the muscle wall of cow’s stomach. Here the internal lining is removed. For people consummation only first of stomach are used (the reticulum – honeycomb tripe, the rumen – smooth tripe and the omasum (leaf tripe).

Lamb tripe is dark olive green. It’s crusty so it needs lots of cleaning (similar to cow’s tripe) before preparing.

Pig tripe is also used by people. It is also called paunch.

Washed tripe is also known as dressed tripe. What does this mean? – For this procedure stomach is cleaned and trimmed off. After this it’s boiled and bleached. This tripe is a very popular dish in Continental Europe (Italy, France).

Tripe soup – very tasty dish

One thing (a dish) made of tripe that’s very popular is definitely a tripe soup. This dish is extremely popular in Balkan Peninsula, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey… It is inevitable part of cuisine of these people.

There are different variations of tripe soup depending on the region where it’s made and consumed.

Varieties of tripe soup

Serbian tripe soup is made of fresh tripe. This tripe is cooked together with onion, peppers and garlic. There are other spices often added to this soup. Some people prefer more garlic. You can also add pepper, vinegar, or chili peppers.

People in this part of the world sometimes add fat, flour and cayenne pepper as a special finishing seasoning. To prepare this seasoning you should first warm the fat. When it’s hot you add flour and mix until you get the same mixture and then add cayenne pepper. This is added in the tripe soup and cooked for five more minutes. This seasoning makes the soup thicker.

Milk is also added into this soup sometimes.

Bulgarian tripe soup is traditionally made of whole beef, lamb or pork tripe. The tripe is boiled for couple of hours then chopped into small pieces and returned to the soup. Fried pepper is often added as a spice. Red ground pepper is used. People very often add milk into this soup.

When we speak about Bulgarian tribe soup we have to mention that it’s traditionally served with hot red pepper and mashed garlic in vinegar.

The Greek tribe soup is sometimes prepared with calf feet and tripe. It is seasoned with garlic, red wine vinegar.

Hungarian tripe soup is spiced with pepper. Very big amount of pepper is added into this soup.

German tripe soup – It may seem surprising but Germans also enjoy this specialty. There are many different recipes and they differ from place to place.

As seasoning, Germans use onion, garlic, wine vinegar, salt, pepper, lard, meat broth and others.

Tribe soup has a long history among Germans. Once, it was prepared with long bones and even mustard and other seasonings.

Romanian tripe soup is seasoned with mashed garlic with oil, sour cream and vinegar.

As far as Polish tripe soup is concerned it is a traditional meal but there are different recipes depending on the region.  Maybe the most common recipes include beef, bay leaf, parsley, carrot, salt, black pepper, sweet pepper and other add-ons.

Turkish version of tripe soup implies cow’s stomach and is often served with garlic sauce (with vinegar).

We can see that there are similarities as well as differences in the process of preparation of tripe soup among countries. But, no matter where it’s made, this dish is unbelievably tasty. Trying this won’t make you feel sorry.

If you feel like preparing one yourself, try out our recipe.

Recipe for homemade tripe soup


There are several steps you need to follow in order to get perfect tripe soup.

The first step is to prepare the tripe. It should first be washed in water with previously added vinegar. If the tripe is in one piece, it should be cut in several pieces.

After it’s washed well put the tripe into the pressure cooker and add ingredients (water, salt, bay leaves and celery).

You should boil the tripe for about 40 minutes (from the time the water starts boiling) in middle temperature. Once it’s boiled, strain the tripe. When the tripe is cold, cut it into smaller ribbons.

While you are boiling the tripe prepare the soup ingredients.

Cut the onion and the garlic into small pieces but don’t mix them (put them separately). Add red cayenne into cut garlic, little grind pepper and grain pepper, salt, chili red cayenne and chopped celery leaves.

In the third dish mix tomato sauce and chili pepper pasta. Cut the bacon into small pieces.

Preparation of the soup:

Pour oil into a dip dish (enough to cover the bottom) and heat it. Add red onion and fry until it gets limpid. Add bacon onto the onion and fry shortly then add flour and fry a little. Pour water (600ml) in which you’ve boiled the tripe, then the mixture with garlic and spices and sauce and pasta. Mix well but slowly.

Boil the mixture (light fire). Once it’s boiled add 400g of boiled and cut tripe. Boil another 20 minutes.

It takes time to prepare tasty tripe soup but it’s worth trying. This dish is great so we suggest you to try it out. You’ll certainly enjoy.

The only thing we advise you to pay attention to is the color and cleanness of the tripe when you buy it.

Ingredients (for boiling fresh tripe):
1300 g of fresh tripe
2500 ml of water
Salt – by taste
Celery leaf – not too much
2 bay leaves

Ingredients for soup:
400 g of boiled tripe cut into ribbons
50 g of bacon (boiled or smoked)
1 red onion
2 tablespoons of flour
2 tablespoons of tomato sauce
½ of chili pepper pasta
3 teaspoons of cayenne pepper
Pepper in the grain and ground pepper
2 bay leaves
Chili cayenne pepper
Celery leaf
600 ml of water (in which tripe was boiled)

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