Recipe for Balkan goulash

Every real man on Balkan must know how to make a good goulash, because when a man does it than it is not just a preparation of meal – it’s a demonstration of a true manhood! Balkan goulash is a real “man” traditional meal from Balkan. If you hear, for example, that a candidate for a state president does not know how to make a good goulash he does not have a chance to win the elections on Balkan. This meal is usually prepared on family reunions in nature, in weekend cottages and similarly. It will have the best taste if it’s prepared in a kettle, but it’s not bad to cook it in a pot on electric or gas stove.

Balkan goulash kettle

Balkan goulash

For a preparation of a good Balkan goulash first you need to pour yourself a glass of good wine or schnapps, then chop up the beef on cubes (2,5 x 2,5). If you do not have beef or you like pork, that can do it.

Grind black onion in blender or if you do not have this device shred the onion as fine as you can. Put the onion in a pot, add oil and immediately add salt so the onion is better joined. Stew it until you get the gelatin ie. thick mass. Add previously chopped beef into stewed onion, pour water just so it covers meet. In water add pepper, grounded cayenne pepper, sweet pepper, grounded hot red pepper and white onion (chopped as finest as possible).

Balkan goulash competition

Fry bacon for a short while in a frying pan together with carrot chopped into rings and add all in goulash. If you decide to add wine and dried plums, before you add bacon fry dried plums with it and then pour all together with wine into goulash. At the end add in water the chopped zucchini (finely shredded so that they overcook in goulash). Zucchini adds density so you don’t need to add flour in goulash.
Leave it to cook for 2-3 hours on moderate fire (depending on the meat). Before it’s finished cooking you must try it and add some more spices if needed.
When it all gets homogenized ie. you get the desired density, Balkan goulash is ready.

You may be late with lunch for half an hour. Let the gests get really hungry! 😀

800 g onion
150 ml of oil
30 g salt
2.5 kg of beef or pork
10 g pepper
40 g of ground red sweet peppers
40 g of ground red chili peppers
5 g garlic
1 small zucchini
1 small or 1/2 large carrot
30 g bacon
3-4 prunes (optional)
100 ml of wine (optional)

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