Zeljanica or greeen pie recipe

This recipes is one type of burek (zeljanica). The ingredients for this type of burek are spinach, cheese and kajmak (special cream). It is very popular fast food in all Balkan especially in Bosnia.

Burek, zeljanica or green pie

First, prepare dough for zeljanica (green pie). This way of making zeljanica is one of the simplest ones but gives excellent results!

So, mix flour, salt, sugar and lukewarm water and dilute the dough. If the dough after a certain time isn’t smooth and soft enough, add just a few drops of oil and continue to knead. When the dough becomes smooth and soft make two equal globes of it, smear each with a drop of oil and leave it covered until you make stuffing.

Stuffing for zeljanica (green pie): Mix cheese, kaymak, eggs, oil, salt, pepper and spinach, stir it to get homogenized mass and there is the stuffing.

Spread a little flour on a big surface and put one dough globe on it. Use rolling pin to thicken the dough until it’s tin as paper. This is a bit harder but if you are patient and you have time, and of course love, it will be interesting for you.

When you have made a big circle, take the stuffing and put on both sides of circle so that the middle stays empty and clear, do not forget, you must not put the stuffing across the whole dough because it won’t turn out good. Put it only on the edges of circle on the left and right side and save the rest of the stuffing for another globe dough.

After you put staffing on both sides make a roll from both sides of the circle on that way that you will take the end of dough and cover the stuffing with edges. When you do that from the other side too, you will be left with a little space between two rolls that you will carefully cut with the knife and you will have two separate rolls. Do the same with the other dough globe and you will get 4 separate rolls.

zeljanica rolling dough

Smear casserole dish with oil using a brush and put flour on it so the burek doesn’t stick on it during the baking. I have seen this from my grandma and since then I don’t need a backing paper or any Teflon casserole because on this way, nothing sticks on casserole dish.

In a casserole dish prepared on mentioned way put rolls of burek in a circle or in a snake shape, both ways are easy and look very nice.

Zeljanica snake

Pure on baked zeljanica  a little milk and a little cream for cooking, and then put it again in the oven for 5-10 minutes

I hope you will enjoy! Good luck! And have a pleasant meal!

Serving: Serve zeljanica hot and with yoghurt! Do not use forks or knifes, get your fingers greasy and enjoy!

Read about burek in The Guardian.

Ingredients for the dough:
6oo g flour
1.5 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 greater time of lukewarm water

Stuffing fo pie:
1 kg of fresh spinach
150 g cheese (young)
1 large tablespoon of kajmak (special cream)
2 tablespoons cream
1 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon pepper

Dressing for spinach:
1 tablespoon cream for cooking
6 tbsp milk


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