Sataras a nice vegetable meal

Sataras is a vegetable meal, mostly it consists of tomato, paprika and onion, but it is often prepared with addition of zucchini, eggplant and carrot. Also, in some places it is usual to add eggs and white onion. Sataras is a true summer meal that is favorite in whole Serbia and continental part of Croatia.

Sataras recipe

Peal the onion, chop it into smaller cubes. Clean the paprika, chop it in cubes and strips. Make sure to remove the seeds from paprika.

In a wider dish (frying pan, lower pot) fry the onion on a little bit of oil. You can add a bit of sugar but that is not a must. The dish is prepared in a wide frying pan so the liquid evaporates faster and the vegetables keeps its desired hardness. When the onion turns yellow add the paprika. Add a bit of water, but be careful not to put it too much because the paprika itself will release its water.
When the paprika softens, add the content of a big can of pelat, 500-700 grams will be enough. It is desirable to chop the pelat a little bit. Mix it on a light fire until the liquid is out (or very little left). At the end put pepper, of course by choice, depending on weather you like it spicy or not.


Worm up oil in a frying pan and fry the rice for about 10 minutes. When the rice begins to change the color (goes dark) and gets a glassy (transparent) glow (max 3-5 min), add water so it is 3 fingers over the rise level.
Cook it while open on a light fire until the water vapors. Watch out so the rice isn’t too much cooked – al dente rice goes the best with sataras (you usually have to add a glass or two of water after the first time water evaporates).
When the sataras is done, put it off the fire and mix the rice with it.


Of course it is always better to cock with fresh vegetables. If you have a fresh tomato, prepare it before you put it to cook. The way of preparation is: poke the tomato with a knife, put it in a metal dish and put it in a hot water and leave it in for 10 minutes – the crust peals of easily after that).

A bit of oil
4 black onions
A bit of sugar
3-4 medium paprikas
1 big can of pelat or fresh tomatoes (cca. 800g)
Pepper (if desired, I like to put it a lot)

A bit of oil
250 g of rice

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