Russian salad recipe

Russian salad is the custom on every gala dinner in the Balkans especially on the continental part. Try once and you will always love it!!

All pickled gherkins cut to small cubes. Cutting the pickled gherkins should be done with the knife. Cut apple into cubes and mix with pickled gherkins also with knife. (put apples in a Russian salad if you want)

Put the mixed seasoning vegetables for Russian salad (frozen or fresh) into the deeper cooking pan with water and one tea spoon of salt. Cook it in to the boiling salty water for about 30 minutes. When it’s cooked, remove the hot water from the pan with a strainer and leave the cooked vegetables to cold.
Add cubes of pickled gherkins and apples into the cooled mixed seasoning vegetables with addition of salt according to taste and mix it all well.

Prepare 5 whole boiled eggs, peel their shell off, cut four boiled eggs into the small cubes and add it to the mixture of pickled gherkins and mixed seasoned vegetables. Mix it all well.
Add 350 g of mayonnaise and mix it all. Add all ham and mix it again all.

Russian salad ham

This made mixture pour into the appropriat ceramic bowl.
Russian salad is an extraordinary contribution to various kinds of roasted meat but can be serve also as a main dish.

Serve Russian salad always cold.

4 x 500 g mixed seasoning vegetables for Russian salad (frozen or fresh) containing the peas, parsley, carrot, potatoes
2 x 180 g of mayonnaise
salt to taste
5 whole boiled eggs
2 x 750 g pickled gherkins
400 g ham
2 apples

Look for extended recipe for Russian salad.

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