Mangalica with dry plums

This dish represents traditional Balkan food. Mangalica with dry plums, as you can conclude from its name, it is prepared from mangulica (one of the healthiest meat) and dry plums. If, by any chance, you can’t find meat from mangalica, as a replacement you can use meat from regular domestic pig.

Unfortunately, the recipe is almost forgotten. This sort of pig was almost distinct in one moment, and dry plums are not as popular as they were before.

Mangalica with dry plums

Soak dry plumbs with wine (leave it to stand 5-10minutes). Squeeze them and put it to boil in hot pan for 5 minutes. Warm up the butter and add the pig medallions. After the mangalica medallions are roasted put them on a hot plate, cover it with foil and leave the roasted meat to rest.

On the frying pan where the medallions where roasted put chopped onion, wine, laurel, thyme, lower the heat, leave it to simmer for 10 minutes, i.e. to stew. When the onion gets soft and becomes gold-brownish add roasted medallions, sour cream, chicken stock, dry plumbs, simmer it for 7-10 minutes until the sauce gets thick.

Mangalica with dry plums cooking

As a side dish for mangulica with dry plums serve mashed potatoes or lightly cocked polenta.

2 pork fillet mangalica or regular domestic pig
16 pcs dry plum
1 tablespoon olive oil
45 g butter
1 red onion
155 ml white wine
120 ml chicken stock
1 bay leaf
2 sprigs fresh thyme
250 ml cream

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