Karadjordjes steak

If there is a dish made of meat you shouldn’t miss, than that’s definitely Karadjordjes steak. Karadjordjes steak  was presented in 1967 in Belgrade, on competition of culinary innovators. What’s the secret of its popularity? Well, most certainly, it’s the specific taste. You can try it in almost every restaurant, but you can also make it home. Let’s find out how!

Recipe 1


To make a great Karadjordjes steak it’s crucial to prepare the meat the right way. So, take the filet and remove all the fat, skin and tendrils. Make it equally thin everywhere. You can beat it with a kitchen hammer to get a nice thin steak. Salt it.

When you finish this, you’ll get a big thin steak. Cut it in several pieces and put a couple of slices of ham (don’t exaggerate) on top. Put a table spoon of kaymak over the ham and roll it in. You can put grinded cheese between the meat and kaymak if you want.

Put flour into the plate. In another dish, mix eggs. On this amount of meat, 2 eggs will be enough. Mix the eggs. Put bread crumbs into the third dish.

Take the steak rolls and roll them into the flour, eggs and crumbs. Heat the oil (it should be really hot) and fry in hot oil. Once the oil is hot enough, put Karadjordjes steak in it, piece by piece, and lower the temperature. Don’t forget to rotate the sides all the time.

When the cover is crunchy and yellowish, it is done.

Quick tip-If you afraid the ingredients might fall out, you can merge the ends with toothpicks or a thread which you will later remove

200g filet (pork or veal)
40g kaymak
A little ham
Bread crumbs

Recipe 2


Take the filet and cut it to get thinner but longer steak. Take the kitchen hammer and beat it a bit. One end should be thinner than the other so the ends could get stuck.

Grease kaymak over the fatter part and roll the steak in. In order to avoid leakage of kaymak while frying, press the ends of the roll a bit.

Roll the steak in the order flour-eggs-bread crumbs (you can repeat the procedure twice).

Fry Karadjordjes steak in deep hot oil!

800g pork or veal filet
80-90g old kaymak
30g flour
2 eggs
30g bread crumbs
Frying oil

Karadjordjes steak is a great dish. Once you try it, you’ll order it or prepare it all the time. You can serve it hot along with Russian salad and fried potatoes or French fries. Or, try serving it cold, cut in smaller strips as finger food.

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