Kapama recipe for delicious Bulgarian dish

Kapama is a traditional Balkan food (Bulgarian). It is prepared of few types of meat, pork, chicken, veal and sauerkraut. You can even use preliminarily prepared stuffed cabbage leaves, sausage and rice.

Kapama recipe

In order to achieve the unique flavor and taste of the kapama, you must keep in mind certain rules. The first one are spices pepper, paprika, bay-leaves. The second one is the arrangement of the products in layers. The third rule one is to bake the dish for a long period of time – at least 4-5 hours in low-temperature oven, and in a clay pot sealed with dough.

Put a layer of sauerkraut (fine cut) in a clay vessel and season it with pepper. Add some more pepper or another spice of your choice. Put a layer of rice.

Then arrange the pork meat. Add one more layer of sauerkraut. Again season with spices.

Add a layer of rice. On top of it put a layer of other meat, for example chicken. Continue in the same way, until you fill up the vessel.

Finally end up with a sausage. Seal the lid of the pot with dough. Put the dish in the oven and bake it in low temperature for at least 4 hours.


Serve warm with glass of red wine.

500 g pork
500 g veal
400 g chicken
1 piece of sauerkraut
1 glass of rice
200-300 g sausage
pepper, paprika and salt
small glass of red wine


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