Chicken aspic – original old fashioned recipe

Aspic is one of the best Balkan dishes.

They are very tasty, a favorite dish on celebrations and for every grand occasion, so for the aspic can be said that this is in some way a meal for a royal feast. Usually, they go as an appetizer serving.

The ingredients that you use to make aspic are legs, connective tissues, tendons, of a pig, goat or chicken meat. Common to all of them is that they are made of connective tissue that makes up more than 90% of their mass. The connective tissue consists of macromolecules of collagen and elastin proteins. The main function is collagen – a large molecule consisting of smaller molecules of tropocollagen interconnected chemically by a molecule of water.

Original old-fashioned aspic is a slum dish from parts of an animal that could not be used in any other way, more precisely from the legs. Aspic became popular over time due to various additives or names, or changes and shortening of preparation time due to the addition of gelatin into plain water.

Recipe for homemade chicken aspic

Put the chicken breasts (with bite and skin) into a larger sherry, add spices and sprinkle with water. Cook at the moderate temperature for about an hour.

Take the boiled meat out of the liquid and let it cool. Remove the skin and separate the flesh from the bone, and chop the meat using the fork.

In a modular or another container suitable for the preparation of spirits (salad bowl, silicone mold, etc.) at the bottom, sort the reeds of cooked eggs.

Decorate with chopped peppers, carrots and parsley leaves, and then compare the prepared meat.

Gelatin overflow with water and let it swallow.

In hot water in which the meat is cooked, add the prepared gelatin and mix.

Wrap the gelatinous mass over the meat and place the bowl in the cold so that the aspic is tightened.

Cover well-cooled mass with a large plate and leave for about ten minutes.

After that, gently lift the mold in order to slide the windscreen and completely fit the plate.

Decorate according to taste and serve.

If you do not like gelatin, you can also make chicken aspic in the more natural way:

Cook chicken legs along with chicken breast. In them, there is enough natural gelatin (connective tissue) that will squeeze the burglary. If you are cooking feets, cook them first without spices and vegetables, because it will fall apart (they need more time to cook properly). Take the meat from the middle of feets, it’s very tasteful.

500 g chicken breasts
1/2 of water
2 boiled egg
1 barren carrot
1 hot pepper
20 g of gelatin
8 teaspoons of water
so, pepper
parsley leaf

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