Bosnian pot – simple but tasty meal

Bosnian pot is one of the most famous meals on Balkan. It is considered to be traditional worker dish of Bosnian miners. The recipe variations are usual, and they depend on who has what on their disposal.

Preparation of a “true” Bosnian pot

Fry chopped meat on oil or grease. Add onion and garlic to the mead and fry a bit more so that meat gets nice brownish color.

In a deeper dish (the best would be to use crock, but a bigger pot or deeper casserole dish with  cover will do) line intermittently meat and vegetables.

Pour with wine and water.

Use the foil to cover the dish and because of possible leaking put it in a casserole dish in a previously heated oven on 200 degrees and let it boil a little for 3-4 hours. Shake the dish every half an hour.

Meal cooked on this way contains all the richness of taste, especially if the crock was used. After cooking leave the dish for ten minutes and then pour it into the plates.

Homemade bread, hot pepperoni and a glass of bear will go great with this meal.


The tastiest Bosnian pot is made in a crock, on a fire. The dish must constantly be covered and most not open.

1 kg of mixed meat (beef, pork, lamb)
2 dl of oil (or grease if preferred)
1 big onion
6 cloves of garlic
700 g of potato chopped to larger cubes
200 g of carrot largely chopped to rings
100 g of greens (parsley, parsnip, celery) finely chopped
150 g of roughly cut cabbage
100 g of fresh paprika (yellow, green, red)
100 g of peas
100 g of pods
100 g of okra (if it’s dry first you have to cook it and if it is fresh or frozen put it directly into pot)
150 g of tomato or a few tiny pieces
150 g of largely cut zucchini
2 dl of vine
2 l of hot water
Some salt and pepper

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