Balkan homemade sausage

This recipe is a traditional way of making Balkan homemade sausage. Of course, this recipe is popular on continental part, lighter meals are more prevalent on Mediterranean.

Balkan homemade sausage stuffing

Meat, bacon are white onion are grind. Spread paprika and salt across the meat and get all mixed very good. You must be careful to spread the mass equally, so find a strong person who can mix it good. Leave the meat mixed that way to stand for 12 hours and after that wear it in a hose.

Balkan homemade sausage by hande

You can fill sausages ie. hoses manually, with a help of a machine or a funnel and with electrical machine. Electrical machines are quite more expensive and if there is no need to make a bigger quantities there is no need to give that much money away.

Fill clean, thin pork intestine with meat and separate the sausage so that every piece is 15cm long.

For preparation of sausage it is best to use the meat from mangalica, but if you can’t provide it, regular white pig will do fine.



Sausages prepared on this way can by fried of cooked, also you can freeze them immediately and use them when needed. If you freeze it, sausages can last up to 6 months, but don’t hold them longer than 4 months. In a fridge without freezing sausages can last up to 5 days, after that they are no good.

Fried or cooked Balkan homemade sausage serve with sauerkraut and smashed potatoes and with a glass of a fine red wine.

20 kg of pork (mangalica) from pig shoulder (older pig)
5 kg baccon from back
spices (percentage goes to the amount of ground mixtures)
1% red pepper (if you want mildly hot sausages then put 0.5% of sweet peppers and hot peppers 0.5%)
1% of garlic
1.8% salt
0.5 peper
pork intestine for sausage


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