Balkan burger – one of the most representative meals for Balkan

This recipe is a version of a regular burger. On Balkan Peninsula it is called stuffed burger, and since this meal is one of the most representative meals for continental south-east Europe Balkan Food gave it a name Balkan burger. This meal is particularly popular during winter where the winters are harsher and “stronger” food is needed. Whether you eat this burger because you need strength or for some other reason, its taste is fabulous, but for real, try this recipe you won’t regret it. Only watch out if you are on a diet. 😀

Preparation of the meat (similar as with cevap – kebab )

Secret of every good burger, whether it’s a regular of stuffed, is in a quality of the meat and its preparation (selection of spices and theirs ration). Burgers are made from beef, pork or mutton, ie. from the combination of this meat, and on Balkan Peninsula are usually made only from beef or out of mixture of beef and pork meat in which the ratio of beef doesn’t go over 50%. When choosing meat it’s usually the meat around the neck and shoulder blade. There is no need to mil the meat twice.

For the preparation of the mixture for burger, on every half kg of the meat one little finely chopped onion is added, one part of white onion, salt and pepper as desired. Stir the mixture with your hands, not just so the ingredients permeate but to get the mixture more compact. Stirring should last for 5 minutes. 2-3 spoons of cold mineral water is added to the mixture because it is believed that has a good effect on texture.

Prepared mixture divide into burgers. Pack the meat in foil and put it into a fridge during night. If you do not have enough time that meat stays in fridge, put couple of cubes of smashed ice and stir all once again.

Preparation of the filling for Balkan burger

Chop the bacon as finest as you can and fry it but watch that it doesn’t burn!

Put gouda cheese as on the picture and then put fried bacon on it, then pickles. Put the other part of the burger on it.
Balkan burger preparation

You don’t have to put pickles if you do not like them, they serve to give some “freshness” with acid.

Burgers are best baked on a grill, but when you can’t grill outside, frying pan is just fine J  with a little bit of oil fry one side for about 10 minutes on medium fire, then turn it around and bake for another 5-6 minutes.

Serve Balkan burger with French fries and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

500 g mixed minced meat
1 chopped onions
1 clove garlic
salt and pepper o taste
150 g grated cheese (gouda)
1 pickles
50 g bacon


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