Popara traditional Balkan breakfast

Breakfast on Balkan is an early but hearty meal, although before breakfast most people usually take a cup of coffee. Popara is breakfast made with left over or fresh bread. This recipe is one of the most common-made breakfast on Balkan.


Take a bigger bowl and put together water, milk and salt to boil. When it start to boil add bread broken into pieces, reduce heat and cook till it softens up about 2-3min. Pour out extra water, you only need about 2cm above bread line.

Continue cooking for further few minutes mixing it gently on occasion. Then, add cheese and mix through. Be careful not to overcook it will turn into mush. Serve on a plate with a teaspoon of butter on top of it.


For makeing popara the best is bread old 2-3 days, popara is a good way to use old bread and make tasty dish.

You can add fried bacon, but then put a little less butter.


This breakfast serve while it is warm, but not hot.

600 g homemade bread, baguettes or any crusty bread
100 g feta cheese or Mozzarella cheese
4 tsp of butter
250 ml of water
350 ml of milk
salt to taste

Breakfast is a very important meal.

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