In this article we have tried to explain why the breakfast is healthy to eat.

In modern society, the greatest number of people starting their day not eating breakfast and hurrying to work, which begins at 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning. If they have breakfast on the way to work or on a break, they usually choose something from the repertoire of “fast” food (bakeries, kiosks etc.). Breakfast is an important meal and worth to invest some time to get yourself high morning meal that will provide energy for hard working in the morning. Try it, it’s worth. You will be more energetic, healthier, better mood, and work more efficiently.

It is very important that you do not eat breakfast “on feet” , already at home slowly at the table, after you do a few stretching exercises.

In the morning secretes the hormone cortisol, which awakens us, until its concentration falls in the evening when starting the unconscious physiological processes of regeneration.

Even 70% of the daily requirement should be included for breakfast. Eat breakfast until 11 am so that you comply with the biological rhythm of the body. Feel free to refill plate with rolls, eggs, ham and jam, or more precisely, you can enter all types of carbohydrates because the body to start a busy day required a large amount of energy.

In the morning the body most easily melts fat and if you skip breakfast, your body will be interpreted as a distress signal, and will keep fat, instead of melting.

The body uses glucose or sugar in the blood for energy, and the excess of glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen, which can not be released into the circulation, if necessary. Breakfast allows to fill the “brain levels,” because the brain does not have its own glucose reserves, so its level in the blood must be constant.

If you skip the morning meal, your blood sugar level falls off sharply. After that, there are fatigue and dizziness, and your metabolism slows down, and thus stops the process of burning calories. The brain goes into another condition because of nervousness, you become depressed and you are prone to mood swings.

Children wich for the meal taken with calcium rich foods, calmer and better learning. Reduces the need for snacks and excessive food intake at lunch, it makes the child feel good. Very good reasons for your child to have breakfast.

Ideas for breakfast:



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