Balkan domestic croissant

Balkan domestic croissant is full of flavor, especially if it is filled with cheese or ham. They are ideal for small celebrations and children’s birthdays.

Pour in a bowl 1 dl of milk, two spoons of sugar and put the pack of fresh baker yeast in. Leave it and wait about 10 minutes that the yeast rise up.
In the meantime for Balkan domestic croissant, the 1/2kg of flour, 1 tea spoon of salt and 1 egg pour into another bowl and mix it well.
When the yeast was grown up, pour the content of the first bowl into the other one and whisk them all well. Knead the dough until you get fine soft (not sticky) dough suitable for forming. On the table surface (or on a wide wooden plate) stretch dough with the wooden rolling pin to the thickness of about 3-5 mm, making a square form of the  whole dough surface. Cut the stretched dough into smaller pieces (triangle, sqare or rhombus shape). The size of these domestic croissant depends of the baker rolls size someone wants and likes. Wrap each of the cut pieces diagonally from one angle to the oposite one making nice dough rolls.  At first, spread a thin layer of cooking oil over the baking pan surface and arrange the wrapped rolls into the baking pan leaving some space between them as they tend to grow up during the baking process. In a small glass separate one egg yolk and whisk it well. Then, with a small brush spread a thin layer of egg yolk over the upper surface of each roll. If someone likes saltier, pour a little salt and sesame (between two fingers) over each croissant.

Put the baking pan into the warmed oven and bake the croissant on the temperature of 170°C (350°F) about half an hour. When the baking was finished pull out the pan from the oven and leave the croissant to cool off. Some people like mild hot baker croissant, and some like them cold, depending on the taste.

This is the recipe of empty domestic croissant, but they could be filled with cheese, ham, pork or chicken pate. Simply, before wrapping the cut dough pieces, put in the middle of each croissant a small quantity of cheese, ham, pork or chicken pate and wrap them up. The rest procedure is the same as afore mentioned.

Balkan domestic croissant is great for breakfast with tea or milk.

Ingredients for domestic croissant:

1 pack of yeast for the dough
1 dl milk
1/2 tbsp salt
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp sugar
2 eggs
500 g flour


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