Potato chips with onion dips

Recipe of potato chips with onion dips is ideal if you have company because it is made fast and easy.

Preparation of potato chips with onion dips

Previously warm the stove up to 230°C (450°F). Pour chopped potatoes in a big bowl; mix them good with olive oil and pepper. Fold potatoes in one layer on a baking tray. Bake for 20-25 minutes until potato gets light brown color and becomes crispy. Put it out of the oven, salt it and leave it aside.


Warm the oil in a plate on a medium fire, and then add chopped black onion. Stew for about 10 minutes with often steering, until it gets golden-brown color and it softens. Put away from the fire so it colds.

Mix onion with Greek yogurt, white onion in powder, salt, pepper and chopped leaves of leek. Mix it good so it homogenizes.

Leave it to cool down and then serve it with potato.

Potato chips with onion dips  serve together with a cold beer.

3 large potatoes chopped in rounds about 2-3 mm thick
2 spoons of olive oil
2 spoons of large milled black pepper
salt to taste

For a dip:
3 spoons of olive oil
smaller black onion finely chopped
few leaves of leek finely chopped
glass of Greek yogurt
1 spoon of white onion in powder
1/2 spoons of salt
1/4 spoons of pepper

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