Greece fried feta cheese recipe

Superior appetizer that will delight your guests. Fried feta cheese tastes phenomenal and yet it is real easy to make.

This recipe is from Greek. Fried feta cheese is one of my favorite appetizers. Prepare this recipe and feel the taste of the Mediterranean in our home.

The size of the pieces of feta is not important but the thickness should not be greater than 1.6 cm. Cut off slice neatly as you can.

Break the eggs into a deep bowl and beat them with a fork. In another bowl put flour, ground red paprika and pepper, mix all together. In third bowl put the sesame seeds. Feta cheese first roll in egg and then in a mixture of flour, egg again and then in sesame seeds.

Fried feta cheese

According to the original recipe feta fried in deep olive oil. Bake a few minutes on both sides until they get a nice golden color.

Drain on kitchen paper.

Warm the floral honey into a saucepan until becomes liquid. Fried feta cheese topped with honey.

Fried feta cheese serve warm and with glass of cold white wine. (read more about 

250g good quality feta cheese
2 eggs
1 teaspoon ground red paprika
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
80-100 g flour
100 g sesame
3 tablespoons floral honey

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