Vurda – what is it?

Vurda is a product made of milk. It can be made of different types of milk. Almost all milk types are equally good for making this traditional dish.

People use cow milk, goat milk, sheep milk or the mixture of cow and goat milk or cow and sheep milk.

This is a milk product of high quality and great nutritive value. Originally, this dish is made of cow milk but people use all types of milk nowadays.

The word vurda stands for sour milk (yoghurt) or cheese made by boiling whey.

This dish is also known as uzvara.

Where does it come from?

This is the dish traditionally prepared in many countries. It is a part of Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Ukrainian cuisine.

In Serbian cuisine it is known as Luznicka Vurda. It is mostly made in the south of the country, especially in Luznica, Babusnica and Pirot.

The gastronomical discovery of the 21st century

This traditional appetizer was almost forgotten. Luckily, people from these areas decided to preserve it from oblivion.

Vurda was always popular in these areas but it’s just recently it became popular around the region and wider.

Couple of years ago The Tourist Organization decided that vurda should become popularized and started ones-a-year event devoted to vurda.

Having in mind that this very delicious dish can become completely forgotten this manifestation had one assignment – to make vurda popular and famous. That’s how this dish got its second name – the gastronomical discovery of the 21st century.

How to make vurda?

There are two types of vurda – fresh (young) and old vurda.

This fresh is consumed right after wringing the sour milk while the so called old vurda stands three to four weeks. The old one is usually left for a while with peppers to gain sour taste.

You can’t find vurda in big supermarkets but you can buy it in some local shops or in rural households.

Or, you can make it yourselves!

Vurda – recipe


  • Homemade milk (mostly cow milk but you can use other types as well)
  • small glass of sour milk


Take as much milk as you want. Since you’re already making it, take couple of liters. Homemade milk is the best. You won’t have the perfect dish unless you use exactly homemade milk. Originally people use cow milk but other types are all right (as long as they are homemade).

Pour the milk in a deeper dish and let it become well lukewarm.  Let it be nice warm but not hot. When this is done add a small glass of sour milk and stir well. Leave it overnight.

One advice – this mixture should be held in a warm place. People even use a blanket and cover vurda with it overnight.

On the next day check if the milk became pickled (similar to sour milk). If it is, take cheesecloth, pour the mixture in it. Tight well and leave it to decant overnight. This way the unnecessary water will expire.

The mixture left in cheesecloth is called vurda and it’s ready to be served on the very next day.

It has sour taste. You can eat it this way or mix it with peppers.

If you use peppers, leave the mixture for three to four weeks and then use.

Vurda - Vurdijada


Vurdijada is an event dedicated to vurda.

It is held every year in Babusnica since 2012. This is cultural and touristic manifestation which main purpose is to commercialize this traditional dish.

People compete in making the best vurda. Here you may find many different types of vurda (with pepper, mushrooms…). Besides vurda, you can find other milk products, pastries, meat and meat products, greaves. There are rewards for the best producers every year.

Thanks to this event vurda became very popular in the rest of Europe in its popularity keeps on growing. This idea stopped one special dish from becoming completely forgotten.


Vurda can be served as an appetizer with wine or schnapps. Besides being appetizer it is served as a salad, especially combined with pepper.



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