Recipe for pork cracklings

Their lovers say they are better than the best chips! They are great with bear, they are combined with onion, and they are good with homemade bread. We are talking about pork cracklings!

For about 2kg of pork cracklings and 6-8 liter of pork grease you need 10kg of fresh bacon from the back, but only bacon, not fat. You must remove brittle meat, but of course it’s ok if a little bit of it stays.


The worst thing that you can do is to make unequal cutting. This leads to pork cracklings being parallel burned on one side, and on the other side they will remain raw, which is no good. It is therefore advised that the length of the bacon for melting is about three centimeters. Dimensions of fresh greaves should be around 2cm x 3cm.

Of course, you can have a couple of schnapps, you don’t have to cut the bacon with the ruler, but try to be precise 😀

Melt the cracklings in a pot or cauldron, temperature should be around 14o°C.

It is best to do it on a balcony or in a backyard, because the smell of pork cracklings preparation is hart to get rid of.

Put previously cut bacon to about ¾ volume of the dish and slowly worm it up with constant stirring.

Do not cover the dish because condensed water vapor spatters when it falls into grease!!

Fry it on light fire with occasional stirring long enough that the cracklings stop to wallop (the foam from the surface will disappear) and float on the surface. The first sign that the cracklings are done is their brownish color, and the second one is that the grease is clearer and brighter. Near the end add a little bit of milk (0,5-1 dc). The milk will give them nice color and crispiness.

pork cracklings making

Depending on the taste you can press the cracklings slightly, strongly or not at all. Separate pressed greaves because they are glued while pressing. Do it while they are hot. Then cool them.

Put salt only on those greaves that you will eat right away. If they are salted and you don’t eat them soon, the salt pulls out the liquid from greaves and they become gristly.

Hot greaves can be mixed with red onion, and that is a real good treat. Unfortunately, those with the onion can’t be kept for a longer period.

Meals with cracklings

Pork cracklings are perfect for preparing several meals, like cracklings bannock, polenta with cracklings and pancerota.

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