Bulgarian yogurt – best recipe for this creamy and delicious milk product

Bulgarian yogurt is a dairy product that is very tasty, long-lasting and healthy. For lovers of these refreshing foods, special joy is a fact that can be combined with various flavors and dishes, and especially with fruits and sweets.

The medicinal properties of Bulgarian yogurt are remarkable. In general, it is a true natural protector of the body from various diseases. First of all, it is easily digested in our intestines, stimulates the discharge process and, most importantly, regulates the natural balance of bacteria and intestinal microflora.

This milk product contains a lot of proteins, which are very easily absorbed into our body. Therefore, this is one of the main foods in the diet of athletes and recreational players. On the other hand, carbohydrates have about 3 to 4 percent, which is a small amount.

In Bulgaria, yogurt is very popular. Bulgarians eat it like ketchup or mayo in the US and consume it with a lot of different food. Additionally, Europeans are aware of the power of a good bacteria, known as probiotics. They believe that these important microbes are necessary for supporting good digestive system, increasing energy, and cleaning out bad bacteria from the body, therefore, supporting the immune system.

There is a yogurt festival in a small town of Tran Bulgaria, on the hills of the Balkan Mountain near the Serbian-Bulgarian border in July, a product that this region is especially proud of because they discovered a bacteria that turns milk into yogurt. On the central city square, there is a cultural program that includes folklore, and 20 domestic yogurt producers that present their product made from special recipes.

Bulgarian yogurt, unlike Greek yogurt, is also creamy in taste yet it is not as thick and it contains the Bulgaricus strand of live culture which originated in Bulgaria. The Bulgaricus strand mixed with the Acidophilous, Thermophilous, and Bifidum is very good for your health.

Best recipe for homemade Bulgarian yogurt

2 l of whole cow’s milk
1 cup of sour cream

Boil the milk, and leave it to cool down. Immediately divide about 1 dl of milk to add in sour cream. Leave aside because a smaller amount will be cooled quicker. Pour the sour cream into the pot and gradually add it to the cooled milk and mix it all the time to make it nice until it’s dissolved and without clods. When the milk is mildly cool, for example, as a milk that you would drink hot, add diluted sour cream and mix well for a few minutes.

Then pour into a ceramic pot, porcelain or can even be in a glass container. In a larger pot, put two kitchen towels, then put the jars with milk, cover with the foil and overturn the milk well. Place in a warm place for about six hours (if it’s hot it will be almost 4 hours), slowly reveal the milk, but you will notice that milk has already formed and become firmer. Let it cool down completely.

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