Tulumbe sweet, caloric, but first of all delicious pastries

What are tulumbe? Very sweet, caloric, but first of all delicious pastries. This sweet pastry is popular all over Balkan. There are many different opinions about the origin of the tulumbe, Turks say it’s Turkish, Greeks say it’s Greeks and Bosnians say it’s theirs.

Tulumbe recipe

First you have to make a dressing for tulumbe!


Cook water, sugar and lemon until the sugar is cooked. Dressing is done when it slowly slips from the spoon. Be sure to leave the dressing to cool down. That is the reason why you should make dressing first, so it cools down while you make dough.


Cook water, oil, sugar and salt.

When it boils turn the stove off, add flour and mix it so that the mass is more dense. Leave the mass to cool down.

When the mass is cooled down, put eggs one at the time and mix it good so the mass gets even. That means that there are no traces of eggs.

It is the best to mix the dough with hands, the longer you do the mass is better.

Put the mass into a mold for tulumbe and create desired shapes, larger or smaller. It would be the best to put the dough from the mold on to hot oil. Temperature should be low, it mustn’t be high. Fry them for several minutes so that they get a nice yellow color. Be careful not to get them burned.

After you take the tulumbe out from the pan put them in a cold dressing. Leave them for couple of minutes and then put them in a dish by choice.


This is not a pastry that is hard to make, but maybe the first time you make them they don’t turn out perfect. Don’t give up! 😀

400 g of flour
400 ml of water
150 ml of oil
1 spoon of sugar
1 little spoon of salt
Oil to fry on

1 liter of water
600 g or sugar
½ of lemon

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