Sweet wheat recipe for holidays

The custom of making this sweet wheat dates from the pagan times when ancient Slavs used to offer it to their gods.

The Serbs used to prepare it for their special holiday Slava, the day of the patron saint of every family. This is really a heritage from pagan times (Orthodox Serbs still observe this custom). This is a very tasty sweet made not only at home but also sold at most pastry shops.

Sweet wheat recipe

Wash the wheat well. Put it into a large pot and cover with water. Let it stand over night. Next day change water,  bring to a boil and simmer gently for 1-2 hours until the wheat has become tender. While it is simmering add hot water, a little at the time to keep burning. Place the pot in a basket lined with feather pillows and cover it with a blanket so that all the remaining liquid will be absorbed, leave it there for 6 hours. After that wash the wheat in cold water,  spread it on a clean tablecloth for 12 hours to dry.

Put it once, or twice through meat mincing machine.  Then mix it with the ground walnuts and confectioners’  vanilla flavoured sugar.  A small amount of the sugar and walnuts is set aside for dusting the sweet when it is ready. Kmead until well blended. Form into the shape of a round bread and place on a large platter. Dust with ground walnuts first and then with a thick layer of confectioners’  sugar.

If you want you can decorate sweet wheat with whole nuts.

0.5 kg (1 lb) weat
0.5 kg confectioners (powdered sugar)
vanilla sugar
0.5 ground walnuts
100 g walnuts for decoration


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