Sugared almonds recipe

Sugared almonds are delights in Dalmatia (Croatia) and are usually served on celebrations and similar no ordinary events. A few of these almonds and your need for sweet will disappear. They are super tasty, but you must be careful with the amount because they have a lot of calories. In some parts of Dalmatia people bring a hand of these almonds with a bottle of some drink when they go to guests.

Put all together in one wider and dipper dish and put it on fire to cook. Let it cook a bit and occasionally stir with wooden spoon. Cooking lasts for about 15 minutes, while the water vaporizes and when the sugar starts returning to the solid state, then begin to stir faster so that every almond joins with as much sugar as he can and stir all that until the sugar turns into caramel.

When some almonds start to “pop”, stop immediately. Almonds are done, put it in a dish.

Sugared almonds stuck together

It can happen that some almonds are joined (stuck together). Just kick it with wooden spoon and they will come off. Do it while they are hot. When they cool down that won’t be possible any more.

Wait until sugared almonds  a bit cooled and then go for it! 😀

300 g almond
250 sugar
200 ml water
1 vanilla sugar


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