Buckwheat pancakes recipe

Buckwheat pancakes are perfect substitute for classic pancakes and you can eat them without a sense of guilt. They are easy and fast for preparation, and contain only natural sugar and they are a real healthy threat.

The process of making these pancakes is no different than baking classic pancakes. So we believe that this recipe won’t make trouble if you have at least a little experience in a kitchen. 😀

Mix wheat and buckwheat flour, add soda and baking powder, salt and sugar and unite it all.

Add milk, water, eggs, melted butter and oil and make a uniform mass. Mass should be thicker then the mass for classic pancakes. Leave the mass to stand for one hour in a fridge.

Buckwheat pancakes

Take out the mass with the spoon and put it on the plate without oil. You can do it with oil but they are only stiffer because they are fried, and not baked. So the advise is – bake it without oil. When the bobbles are out, you can turn around pancakes on the other side.

The other side is backed very shortly so watch out it doesn’t burn.

The diameter of a pancake is 15-20 cm. Pancakes are baked on a medium temperature.

Mix yogurt and sour cream and serve it together with buckwheat pancakes.

150 g wheat flour
100 g buckwheat flour
2 eggs
300 ml milk
150 ml water
1/2 bags baking powder
on the tip of finger soda
1 spoons sugar
1 little spoon salt
50 g butter
2 spoons oil
200 ml sour milk
100 g olives

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