Colorful cubes recipe

Colorful cubes is a cake that is often made on continental part of Balkan, especially during winter and holidays.

Colorful cubes – crust

Mix eggs with powder sugar. Separately mix margarine and unite it with eggs. Mix flour and divide the mass in four parts.

Pour one part in rectangular baking tray that was oiled and with powder on it and bake it 7-8 minutes on 180°C (350°F). On the same way bake 3 more crusts.

Colorful cubes – filling

Put sugar and water in a pot, cook it for a short while so that sugar melts and mix margarine so it  melt and add milled walnuts. Divide the prepared mass into 3 parts. Add chocolate in one, and in the other one add strawberry extract and a little bit of red pastries color.

On a first crust put chocolate filling, cover with second crust, and coat it with red filling. Put the third crust and the leftover of uncolored part of the fill, and finish the folding with a forth crust.


Steer powder sugar, water and red pastries color with a mixing spoon and obtained mass flood over the cake.

Leave the cake to cool for maximum 24 hours and then cut it in cubes.

220g margarine
150 g powder sugar
5 eggs
250g flour

150g of powder sugar
6 spoons of water
Red pastries color

250g of sugar
1dl of water
120g margarine
250g milled walnuts

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