Turkish baklava – original recipe

On Balkan, baklava is one of the favorite pastries prepared for guests, holidays, birthdays, or any other occasion for that matter.

Kids and adults, they all love this pastry, it is easy to make, can stay for several days in the fridge without getting bad. There are several versions of recipes for baklava, and by our opinion this one is the most faithful to the Turkish baklava (original).

Read more what is baklava and about baklava origin.

Turkish baklava recipe

For Turkish baklava first you need to prepare the topping so it gets cool enough while you prepare the pastry. Pour sugar in saucepan and overflow it with water so that the water is 3 centimeters above sugar. Cook it for about 15-25 minutes on stronger fire, make sure that the topping doesn’t become too densely. The density should be like something between syrup and water. When you get the desired density add lemon in topping cut in slices. Leave it to stand.

For the rest of the pastry crusts must be cut to fit the size of the pan in which you will bake the baklava.

Mix walnuts and 150 grams of sugar, it may seem like too much of sugar but for the preparation of original baklava that is how much sugar is needed.

Melt butter on easy fire, watch out that it doesn’t change the color and mix it with oil. First put in the pan three crusts that should be coated with butter and oil and on the first three crusts put all chopped walnuts. If you want crispy crusts the mass must be warm. Put two crusts over it, and coat with the mass of butter and oil (you can put the mass on every crust), then sprinkle with grounded walnuts and sugar. Repeat the procedure until you spend all the material.

At the end, cover baklava with three crusts on that way that every crust, after you put it, cover with butter, except the last one.

Before cutting, press baklava pan to flat it out. Then cute the baklava in diamond shapes. Put it in oven, firs for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees, until it doesn’t get light brown color, and then dry it on 150°C (290°F) for about 40-50 minutes. If it looks like it is going to be too dark, cover it with aluminum foil and continue to bake.

To check if it is baked you can use a fork to move apart baklavas to see if the bottom is baked too. Hot baklava cover with cold topping and press with pan to flat out the crusts. Don’t press it too much, 15 minutes top.

To get all the tastes united and that your baklava is super tasty pastry the best is to leave it for a day or two before you serve it.

1 kg of finished phyllo dough for baklava or homemade phyllo dough
900 g grounded walnuts
100 g grossly chopped walnuts
150 g of sugar
250 g of butter
100 ml of oil

For topping:
1 kg of sugar
Water and lemon

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