Recipe for best homemade fondant

Fondant is a mass for making cakes, i.e. ornaments on the cake. It is easy to shape so it reminds on plasticine, that serves for children’s play. We will reveal to you a recipe for homemade fondant with which you will be able to make the prettiest cakes. At the beginning it may not be easy to make complex decorations and shapes for your cake, but with a little will and effort, you will become a master of cakes that your kids will adore.

Homemade fondant

For making fondant first pour over gelatin with water and leave it to swell. fondant cookFructose and dextrose put in a saucepan and pour over with water.  Put it on a burner to melt. Stir all the time until it starts to boil. Let it boil for 30 minutes, then put away from the fire and add one whole soup spoon of glycerin and swollen gelatin. Stir it.

Put 500-600 grams of powder sugar in a dish, then gradually pour melted sugar and stir with a spoon. Occasionally add more powder sugar, then put it on working area and with the rest of the sugar knead the castor sugar. If your hands are glued with castor sugar from the beginning, wash them and then continue with mixing of castor sugar. It is important that after washing you  dry your hands well with a paper napkin, and not with towel or a rag because otherwise you will leave little hairs on the castor sugar.


fondant finishedFinished homemade fondant leave to cool off for 30 minutes on the surface where you mixed it, and then put it in well closed bag and keep on room temperature. It is important not to have a touch with the air because otherwise it will dry. The best is to be used in next 2-3 days because then it is the easiest to work with it, but you can keep it for a month if you want. If it happens that you want to use it after a month and it gets a bit harder to work with, feel free to put it in a microwave for 4-5 seconds, but be careful not to overheat it because you may burn your hands with it because in the middle it is very hot.

If you color homemade fondant with powder color, before you put desired color melt it with a few drops of water or alcohol.


You must be careful when you put water that the measures are correct, the best way is to use a syringe that you can buy in any pharmacy.

1 bag of powder gelatin
50 ml of cold water (for gelatin)
20 ml water (for fructose)
100 grams of fructose or dextrose
1 big spoon of glycerin (you can buy it in a pharmacy)
900 grams of powder sugar


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