Gorgeous river Uvac and three lakes

River Uvac

Uvac is a river in Serbia (Balkan), which flows between the mountains Zlatibor and Zlatar. On this river were built  hydropower plants and three artificial reservoir lakes: Uvac, Zlatar and Radoinjsko lakes. Length of the river is 119 km. The area of the river Uvac is declared Special Nature Reserve “Uvac”, size of park is 7,543 hectares .  Uvac  with its lakes, is one of the most beautiful place in Europe. In one part of the river has a gazebo where you can enjoy views of the beautiful landscape and griffon vulture. In the area of the river gorge lives total of 216 plants and 400 species of birds and also  the bear, lynx and otter…

river Uvac

Zlatarsko Lake or  Kokin Brod Lake

Zlatarsko Lake is the third largest lake in Serbia after Djerdap Lake and Perucac on the river Drina. Zlatar Lake or Kokin Brod Lake is an artificial lake in the valley of river Uvac. The lake has an area of 7,25km², it is long 19 km. It was created 60 years ago by building hydropower  which is dam river Uvac. Dam of power station is the biggest earth dam built in Europe.

Uvac Lake

It is located at an altitude of 985 meters. Dugo is 25 kilometers, with a maximum depth of 108 meters and the dam is 160 meters long and 110 meters high and the surface of 5.7 km2. Thze lake is result of sinking the canyon and damming the river Uvac in 1979.

In the area of the lake is located the largest colony of griffon vulture in the Balkans. The lake is rich in fish, carp, chub, salmon, and catfish.

Radoinjsko Lake

Water from the lake sending with two tubes 1,234 m long, with a drop of 377 m, leading to a turbine hydropower plants Bistrica.


Area of Special Nature Reserve “Uvac” have  a significant tourism capacity, boat rides, fishing, kayaking, hiking… and of course many restaurants with excellent local and organic food.  Do not miss to try: buckwheat pie, paprika in sour cream, beef prosciutto, sweet wild strawberries and wild pear brandy.

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