National Park Krka – Croatian “pearl”

National Park Krka is settled about 15 kilometres away from Šibenik., in central Dalmatia (Croatia). It is one of the most beautiful Croatian National Parks. Park was named after the river Krka. It became national park in 1985. His purpose was to protect the Krka River. The park is a place suitable for science, education, recreation, tourism, etc. It covers the most beautiful part of the river. Because of its splendidness it is very popular place for tourists from all over the world.

National Park Krka jump into the lake

The River Krka is a natural and karst phenomenon. Waterfalls of the River Krka, generated by precipitation carbonates make this river so pretty and special. And exactly because of its incredible beauties there was a need to protect this area by the law.

National Park Krka swimming

Flora and Fauna

The Krka National Park belongs to the Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean region. Due to its specific position and various types of habitats, this place is characterized by rich and varied flora and fauna.

There are approximately 860 plant species including several endemic.

Fauna here is also very rich. The Krka National Park has got 18 different species of fish (ten endemic). Its vividness makes the Park a natural landmark of highest category. Reeds, then many lakes formed along the river host amphibians and birds, and brushwood and stone pits home many reptiles.

Different plant and animal species which are part of the Krka National Park make it so attractive not only for tourists but also for scientists, biologists and others.

Skradinski buk

Skradinski buk is one of the most attractive parts of the National Park Krka. NP Krka is a huge, natural and clear pool. It has got high waterfalls at one end and cascades at the other. It is the lowest of the three sets of waterfalls along the Krka River. With its rich vegetation, and the various effects caused by the play of light, Skradinski buk is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe.  It is also the largest cascade system in Europe.

Skadarski buk map National Park Krka

Roshki Slap (22,5 m)

It is settled near Miljevci. This is the second most popular attraction of the National Park Krka (according to the number of visitors). These cascades are also great and spectacular. People mostly come here in boats although it’s available from the land.


There is an island, very beautiful and old inside the Roshki Slap Park called Visovac. The best way (the most interesting) is to come to this park by a boat tour from Skradinski buk.

The National Park Krka is a place of outstanding beauty and exceptional natural value. The flow of the river Krka is a picture book with so many different and dreamy pages. From the first to the last page it will change its temper so many times. It will be peaceful and calm in lakes and then strong and powerful in its waterfalls and cascades. It is definitely a place you should visit if you ever have a chance.


Besotted with the mixture of green and a perfect blue, with the speed and peacefulness at the same time you’ll be dead hungry. This is the time to try Krka’s dish. Paste with goulash should be your number one choice. It can be prepared with beef, calve or sheep meet but, either way, it’s a meal that is completely inevitable here and part of all occasions-from birthdays to weddings. Lamb meet is also very popular here.

We can’t forget to mention fish. Fish is simply part of everyday life here and you will find it specially prepared every step of the road. It is very famous dish. Specialty is sardine with potato in olive oil with garlic, tomato, white vine and different spices. Seafood is a part of culture and available all the time so it doesn’t surprise that it is so popular in Krka.

Presnac-a kind of pie is also very popular. It’s made of eggs, flour, sugar, fresh cheese (sheep’s milk cheese), and little fat. Be careful, it’s extremely tasty. All food is mostly prepared on olive oil or fat. Fruit and vegetables, lots of different salads, seafood, and different types of meat are all part of rich and delicious cuisine of Krka. If you ever come to this place you will want to stay here forever or at least to come back again.

Tikets for National Park Krka and how to get there (travel guide)


From Zagreb to Krka it’s about 4 hours by car. To get here from Zagreb drive towards Zadar on the highway E71. Then take exit 21-Skradin and then follow the D56 towards Dubravice.


Boats leave from Sibenik harbor, boat will take you trough the Saint Joseph channel and the Lake Prukljan Skradin, This tour cost around 40 euro including park entrance.


The nearest airport is Split Airport. There are then direct buses to Skradin which take about 1 hour 30 minutes.


Tickets for National Park you can buy online on the webite “Parks of Croatia”. For children up to 7 years park entrance is free.



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