National Park Fruska Gora

National Park Fruska Gora is settled in Serbia in its northern part, or more exactly in the northern part of Srem next to Novi Sad. It is a mountain in Serbia which was proclaimed National Park in 1960. Its gorgeous nature, well preserved countryside brought it a nickname “the jewel of Serbia”. The entire park was actually a mountain in Pannonia Island. In the past, this part of the Balkan was Pannonian Sea. To the south Fruska Gora is jagged by the river current. It is bordered by the river Danube to the north. Slopes of the mountain are decorated with vineyards, orchards, pastures and fertile land. The surface higher than 300 meters is covered with thick, deciduous forests.

Part of Fruska Gora

This place is highly suitable for grape growing and you can find many wine producers in this part of the country. Fruska Gora is famous for peaceful lifestyle and its outstanding position. It is a perfect destination for relaxation, pastime and sightseeing.

The highest peak is Crveni Cot (538m high).

The flora of this national park is outstanding, characterized by 1500 plant species. Here you can find oak, beech and linden forests.

National Park Fruska Gora

The name 

The name of this National Park comes from the name of the name of the mountain Fruska Gora. It originates from the word “Frug” (meaning Frankish or French people). The name of this mountain preserves the memory of communities disappeared long time ago.


When you visit Fruska Gora the first thing (beside nature) which will attract you are numerous Orthodox monasteries. These monasteries, according to historical information, are from the first part of the sixteenth century. They occupy a huge territory (50 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide). Some local legends claim that they were founded between twelfth and fifteenth century. They were very important in political and religious life of Serbia throughout the history. The monasteries of Fruska Gora were declared Monuments of Culture in 1990. They are now protected by the state.

Some of the most important are: Beochin, Beshenovo (according to the legend it was founded by the King Dragutin), Velika Remeta, Divsha, Jazak, Krushedol, Ravanica and many other monasteries. If there is one thing among all the beauties worth seeing in Fruska Gora, than that is to see these monasteries.

Krusedol inside

Monastery Staro Hopovo
Staro Hopovo


Numerous activities are available to you once you come to Fruska Gora. First, you can enjoy nature, fresh air and beautiful woods. Hiking here is highly recommended. There is one special activity, held yearly, on the last weekend of April or the first of May. It’s a hiking and ultra-running marathon. It was first held in 1978. There are nineteen different paths from 4km to 125km long. It’s beautiful since it goes throughout the woods and trails of Fruska Gora Marathon are marked with a red heart on a white background.

Lake Ledinci

Lake Ledinci is a small artificial lake on Fruska Gora Mountain. The lake lies on 4 hectares. It is surrounded by steep cliffs. Its average deep is 15 meters. The water of the lake is clear and cold even during the hot summer days.

Lake Ledinci

It has been drained recently and his faith remains unknown.

Cuisine of Fruska Gora

Besides natural beauties you can enjoy fantastic cuisine of this area. Like every part of Serbia it has its specialties made to make you feel all the joy of eating.

When you come to Fruska Gora you’ll find many restaurants and ethno-houses which will provide you great service. Best of all and the part you’ll enjoy the most is definitely the Fruska Gora dish. You’ll even find some forgotten meals in the surrounding of old Srem’s household. No matter what part of the year you choose, you’ll enjoy the environment.

The people here will welcome you with their well-known breakfast, the so called Srem’s breakfast. If there is one thing people here adore it is Fruska Gora’s fritter. It’s made of flour, oil, little sugar and yeast. You should mix all the ingredients, leave it for a while, and then mix it one more time. After the second time leave it to grow for some time, warm the oil up and fry dough in hot oil. It’s great; it’s tasty, and most important you can combine it with other things such as jam, or cheese, maybe cream, or sugar. The choice is yours; every combination is great and yummy.

Preparing food for winter days was very important throughout centuries. Once upon a time you didn’t have supermarkets and other stores to buy everything you need in every season. This habit still exists. The best part of this habit is preparation of dried meat. You’ll enjoy different types of ham, bacon, sausages, etc. This ambience is well-known for these products.

Fish is also very popular so if you are a fan of fish meat feel free to try fish stew. You won’t regret.

Healthy food

Healthy dairy is well preserved in this area, just like nature. Fresh and dried fruit and vegetables are inevitable. Different types of salads, jams, juices are famous in Fruska Gora. The most famous salad is cabbage (sour cabbage) and different types of peppers. Jam is made from plums, apricots, hips, etc. Among all juices you should try the one made of tomato.

People here are very fond of meat, especially lamb so don’t miss it.

There is one thing you must try in Fruska Gora and that is homemade schnapps. It has long tradition and very specific taste. The most special is the one made of apple quince. Schnapps made of honey is perfect.

Independent on the reason you want to visit Fruska Gora you’ll enjoy here. You’ll enjoy food, drinking, hiking, beautiful nature and fresh are. Don’t hesitate.


Tourist map of National Park Fruska Gora

Tourist map of Fruska Gora
Tourist map
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    I really didn’t know that Serbia abounds in natural sceneries and amazing places! Where would you recommend we should stay when in Serbia?

    • July 28, 2017 at 10:55 pm

      Our recommendation is: city Novi Sad, Belgrade, mountains Kopaonik and Tara…


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