Largest raspberry production in the world

Raspberry represents the most profitable export product for Serbia  in the last years, and its value reaches in some years more than 200 million euros. According to the data from the International organization of producers and processors, Serbia (Balkan) had the largest raspberry production in the previous year with 79000 tons, the US was second with 66000 tons, third was Poland with 60000 tons, and forth was Chile with 38000 tons.

Largest raspberry production

Around 30000 people are employed full-time in the production, processing and marketing of domestic raspberries, and periodically 150000 people work in this job, meaning that the raspberry farms are actually the biggest open-air factories in Serbia.

Raspberry is also called the red gold of Serbia.

The production of raspberries is recording a constant growth in the last decades. The largest raspberry production  volume is achieved in Europe (more than 60%), followed by North America (USA, Canada), South America (Chile and Argentina) and Asia (China).
According to the harvested quantities, Serbia is ranked first in Europe, followed by Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, France and Spain.

Arilje world capital of raspberries

Arilje is located in a mountainous area of western Serbia and belongs to the Zlatibor District. It is located between the river basins of rivers Moravice, Big Rzav and Small Rzav, on an area of 349 km and an altitude of 330-1382 m. It belongs to a highland area that is most suitable for growing raspberries. The area is rich in clear waters and attractive forest areas, making it one of the cleanest and healthiest areas in Serbia. The preserved environment offers excellent conditions for the production of healthy food. Arilje is already recognizable in the world for its raspberry production and it is called the world capital of raspberries. Almost all people in this municipality is growing raspberries.
The best quality of our raspberry is the result of a combination of ideal climatic conditions, soil quality and production technology.

The total area under raspberries in Serbia is 15.2 thousand hectares and growing at an average rate of 2.8% per year. Production of raspberries in Serbia varies from 70,000 to 100,000 tons.

The world’s largest consumers of raspberry are Germany and France. The consume 10 kg of raspberries per person annually.

The biggest importers of Serbian raspberry are USA, UK, Germany, Austria and France.

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